McLaren confirms 14 F1 team members stays in quarantine at the hotel


McLaren praises Formula 1 and FIA’s decision to cancel Australian Grand Prix and they are reveals 14 team members placed in quarantine at the hotel, All these 14 had been in close interaction with the team member who tested positive for the COVID-19 on Wednesday.

“McLaren fully supports the decision taken by Formula 1, the FIA and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation to cancel the event.
Overnight, 14 members of the team, in addition to the one confirmed case, were placed in quarantine at the team hotel for 14 days, in accordance with local health authority directives. These are individuals who had been in close contact with the team member who tested positive for coronavirus.

These individuals are being supported by senior team personnel, who will stay behind with them during the quarantine period. Any other team members who show symptoms will be tested immediately and self-isolate, in line with our protocol.

Other members of the team have been cleared to return to the paddock to pack down team equipment before traveling back to the UK. On arrival in the UK, no race team member will return to the McLaren Technology Centre for a period of 14 days, as a precautionary measure.”


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