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2017 F1

Something is fundamentally wrong at Mercedes W08 – Hamilton



Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has claimed that there is something “fundamentally wrong” with his Mercedes W08, despite winning the Drivers’ Championship by an easy 46 points.

Lewis overtook Michael Schumacher’s F1 pole position record with the Mercedes W08, and beat Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel with two races to spare to clinch his fourth career world title. But he trailed main rival Vettel for most of the championship as Mercedes struggled to unlock the car’s potential consistently.

It took Hamilton some time to find the right balance and he admitted he felt that he was driving “on a knife edge” for majority of the campaign.

“This (car) is the toughest one,” Hamilton told Some of the issues we’ve had have been with us for years and we are only just realising we need to really do something.

“New car, being on a wider scale magnifies the issue, I think. A different tyre dynamic, it has been the hardest in that respect.

“2008 [was] a difficult one too. 2009 was horrible. This is a great car, but it has been tricky getting it to work. Often to get that extra potential you have to overdrive a little bit, but it’s a fine balance of getting into that region.

“This year people have talked about us having the best car, and for sure it’s been good, but there are some fundamental issues with the car that I’m fighting to overcome.”

However, the Brit does believe that his experience in the sport has aided the team as he is able to bring the best out of the difficult vehicle.

“I feel like in those moments, I’ve been able to extract more than it was willing to do and that’s been positive,” Hamilton added.

“Often if you go the wrong [set-up] direction you don’t even get to the car’s potential – the car just won’t allow you to squeeze out the extra bit.

“Understanding the car has really allowed me to get the potential, and a little bit more, so even in the races where we’ve struggled we’ve come out with more than we’d hoped.”


  • MiaScusi

    If you blocked me why would you flag my comments, if you didn’t read them? As, you claimed. Then you “unflagged” them to see what I was up to. So, which lie is closer to the truth? I love it, when you prove yourself a liar and a fraud. Can’t wait for black dog to figure out what you are. I laugh how you are luring him in for the back stabbing he will get from you. A tr0ll can’t make friends. Tr0lling is what they do to make up for their miserable life.

  • MiaScusi

    HAAAAAAAAA! This is from the guy, who when proven WRONG blocks and flags the people who proved it. That is your version of a reasonable debate. You ignore the facts all the time or make them up. If, you want the guy to see blind hate. He needs to go no further than reading your typical post.

  • MiaScusi

    When people do not have a reasonable and creditable argument. They play the race card in desperation. I see, you went to it right away. Shows, how feeble your argument is.

  • MiaScusi

    HYPOCRITE! What about your blind hatred of Vettel that you spew every chance you get. You attack everyone that is not a Hambone fan with insults and lies. It is really mentally messed up to hate people that do the exact same thing you do. That is why you are a fraud and your opinions have no credibility

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    I never said you were racist. I am just giving that as an example of blind hate. You have an unwillingness to look at the facts. You just can’t look at the facts. A DEBATE is one where both sides present RATIONAL arguments. You are not. You mentioned 2002 and 2004, and yet when I did a MATHEMATICAL analysis of those years, 2017 does not even come close.

    So whatever your reasons, when it comes to Lewis, you ALWAYS ignore the facts. I don’t care if it’s because you are from Germany and you hate all English drivers. I don’t care if it’s because you are a Ferrari fan and hate all non Ferrari drivers.

    I don’t care why you hate him. I just observe that you CANNOT have a rational debate about Lewis. If you could then you would have agreed from the win to race ratio that the 2017 Mercedes was NOT way ahead of all the other cars. But you cannot do that.

  • Ricardo Pires

    ahhahahahaha ….. My God . There are some clearly delusional people in the World and you are one of them .

    Not even once I mentioned the fact that LH is black ! You are the one who is bringing it up ! you dont know me but you have the presumption you do ! So Now you are the one inventing your own theories , not only I do not hate the guy ….but you assume your own hate for Vettel (a fact that I never presumed or stated or do I care for)

    This is a F1 debate with different opinions and points of view. If in this kind of debate you bring up hate and racism without even knowing who you are speaking to …than we have a serious case of inability to interact socially .

    So please don´t presume stuff you don´t know and don´t bring to F1 debate your SJW arguments because nobody here is a snowflake

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    It’s not an innocent opinion when it’s based on blind hatred. A criticism of a black person due to the color of their skin is a criticism, and it’s racism, because of what the opinion is based on. I have given you the facts. The 2017 Mercedes was not way ahead of every other car based on is win to race ratio. Also I’ve explained how many in the team all season spoke of it being a diva car. When you ignore those facts to promote an opinion that Lewis is complaining when he had the best car, then you are not giving an opinion based on facts. You are giving an opinion despite the facts. Why is that?

    You mentioned the 2002 and 2004 F1 seasons, I did the maths. If the facts can’t change an opinion then the opinion is based on something else. Since you have a long history of criticizing Lewis despite the facts, it’s easy to call you a hater. You didn’t say “Thanks for that data, you are right, it wasn’t clearly the best car by a long way.” Instead you just insult me and avoid the facts.

    I hate Vettel, I admit it, and I have reasons for it. It’s based on facts. Baku and Singapore this year only added to my reasons for hating him. Why do you hate Lewus? You clearly do, you hate on him every chance you get. So explain why, with facts. Otherwise you are just a blind hater, and you opinion is based on hate, not reason. Like racism. It’s a different opinion, a criticism, and it’s blind hatred.

  • Ricardo Pires

    If you can´t handle criticism of a pilot or a different point of view and label it as hate , then you have a lot to learn.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Yes he does. I found that when I blocked him I could not flag him, But he flagged my comments to hid them. So I unflagged him to see what he is up to. When I have the time I will report him to the admins of the sites that he fills with his targeted hate. Anyway, more important things to do now. Thanks again for the support, and I’m happy to talk F1 with you any time.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    And clearly Lewis didn’t win it all in 2017. So what is your point? If Mercedes had all the horsepower and that is the decisive factor in the current F1, how the HELL did Vettel lead the WDC by the mid point? How come Lewis or Bottas didn’t win EVERY race? In 2002 Ferrari won 15 of 17 races. In 2004 Ferrari won 15 of 18 races. In 2017 Mercedes won 12 of 20 races. Do you need me to do the maths? Do you want to know the win per race ratio of 2002 and 2004 versus 2017? If you can’t do the maths yourself, let me know and I will do it for you. As for the tone, I think that your blatant hatred of Lewis is a tone that you should watch. Maybe you should use an honest and factual tone.

  • black dog

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    The guy is obviously retarded and needs counseling.

  • MiaScusi

    A blind biased Hambone fan boy statement.

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  • MiaScusi

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  • Ricardo Pires

    First of all carefull with the tone and words you use . I say again even in 2002 and 2004 with a superior car Ferrari and Schumacher did not won it all . So yes it already happened in the past . Regarding Bottas , in the past as well the nº 2 driver with the best car did not finished 2º in the championship , so once again it already happened. The Merrc was clearly the car with more horsepower all year and that is decisive in current F1

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    You mean in your OPINION he was complaining. He was stating a fact. The Merc had races where it was fast, and others where it struggled. Toto talked about that all season. Bottas talked about it all season. Lewis spoke about it, and suddenly he is complaining! You are just a blind hater. Also you said that he had the fastest car BY A LOT. That is NOT what he had. You can make up these stories but the facts defeat them. There were races where the Merc didn’t qualify well. Where it struggled in the race, where others won races. That is not a car that is ahead by a lot. So you can change your story to try to fix the BS you are spinning, but that car was not ahead by a lot. If it was then Lewis would have been #1 and Bottas #2 in the WDC. Like in past years with Lewis and Nico out front.

  • Ricardo Pires

    Come on he was not complaining …of course he was . I never seen a World Champion that won in a dominant car like the Merc complaining about it like LH does. Did any other dominant car that won a Championship got every pole ? No . Yes he was behind the summer brake , but to any keen observer of F1 it was obvius that the Mercedes had the better engine power all year , and this in an Era that everybody agrees that the Engine makes the difference .

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Funny how the fastest car by a lot didn’t win every race. Not even close. Didn’t qualify P1 in every race. Far from it. Didn’t lead the WDC in to the summer break. But don’t let the facts ruin your Lewis hating story. BTW he wasn’t complaining about the car, he was telling the truth about the car. You can’t see the difference.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    And yet Bottas could not get to #2 in the WDC in the same car.

  • Roger Flerity

    Lewis obviously reads social media, and is not liking the imagery of his being handed championships by fortune of being with the most superior team with the most consistently superior car in recent F1 history. The Mercedes team, and car, have eclipsed the Red Bull record and will likely snuff the Ferrari/Schumacher era records by the end of 2020. Lewis dished out the “car over driver” jibe when Vettel was winning. He has also made derogatory comments about the connection between the reasons for Ferrari past superiority and Schumacher’s winning. Now he’s on the receiving end, and not liking it. Perhaps he’ll be motivated to move to a more challenging team to prove himself? That would be good fun to watch. The risk is, that whoever takes his seat at Mercedes takes over the strangle hold on the titles that he cannot stop in any other car/team… making the case that his wins were car-over-driver even stronger. At least in Vettel’s case, when he left Red Bull, their winning stopped cold (due to many factors, including his departure, of course), and his arrival at Ferrari broke the win-less streak suffered by Alonso. The current state of the sport, through 2020, does not present any likely scenario that Mercedes falls from grace… unless they do it to themselves, which is highly unlikely – considering they are hiring even more top level talent, and spending more than ever. So, perhaps Lewis is best served by staying, accepting the imagery as it is, cashing the checks, and putting on a big smile. When you have enough cash, you can ignore the world – as we are all seeing demonstrated in so many ways today.

  • Ricardo Pires

    This is a guy that is complaining having the best car in F1 that allowed him to win a championship . Please …. Michael Schumacher almost won in 97 and it 99 with inferior cars ….and never complained.

  • Salvu Borg

    as usual, talking about himself to big himself in between brain farts slips and apologizing afterwards.

  • Lovejoint

    Even Merc agrees their car was a diva.

    btw, why so angry?

  • Ricardo Pires

    This guy is just saying this about the Mercedes to value is skill as a driver more ….what a joke ! The Mercedes was the fastest car by a lot …

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