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In a recent statement, Red Bull’s driver Daniel Ricciardo said that Lewis Hamilton may influence his decision about renewing his contract with the Austrian racing team. With a contract that expires at the end of 2018, Ricciardo sparked the interest of several top-tier racing teams in the Championship.

Considered One of the Best Overtakers

At 29 years of age, Daniel is considered one of the best overtakers in the circuit, managing to finish on the top spot in the Driver’s classification this season, despite facing a long series of technical issues and was forced to abandon the race quite a lot.

Even in these conditions, the Australian does not want to rush regarding the decision of signing a new contract, making an example out of Lewis Hamilton in that respect. Considering the fact that this new deal would take him into his 30s, it’s not a matter of being a young driver willing to sign any contract just to get the chance to race. Quite the opposite, he is in a position where he can think about what his next step will be and make the best decision for Hamilton’s future.

Trying to Replicate Hamilton’s Move

In the same press conference, he spoke about the example he received from Lewis Hamilton title, which was the same age as he is now when Lewis did his deal with Mercedes. And kind of in the same situation, with things going well at his team. But his will to improve and the contract he signed with Mercedes really made things take off from then and he’s in a great position right now, with no real rival in the Championship.

Hamilton is aware that having too many options can be a harmful experience for a driver in his position. In this regard, he said that only a handful of people will be there to help him in taking the final decision as he doesn’t really feel good about involving too many people.

What Will the Future Hold

Even though he is aware of the importance of his next decision, Lewis Hamilton is quite confident about his future in F1. He declared that he is confident and knows what he wants. And what Hamilton desires most is to get rid of all the mechanical and technical issues that, in his opinion, drastically affected Hamilton’s performance in the season that just ended. And in all fairness, if he managed to finish on the 5th place with all those problems and forced abandons, one can only imagine what he might be capable of with a solid and well-tuned car. Actually, there’s no need to imagine that, you can use to see the exact odds on Lewis Hamilton title or any sporting event, including all the F1 action.

Also, regarding his future move, Ricciardo said that he is mostly interested in stability and performance rather than money side of things. Of course, as an F1 driver like Lewis Hamilton, money can be easily overlooked when you already have more than other can dream of in an entire lifetime. But even in these conditions, it is a clear statement that Daniel wants to improve as a driver and fight for the title alongside his next team or with Lewis Hamilton.

Will Daniel ever become number one in the Driver’s Championship, that will only be decided by time and his next move? One thing is certain, though, he is an experienced driver that can really deliver proper results and the F1 odds confirm that.


  • Wiesdom

    You just know not witten by someone who follows F1! I thought what the hell is this? It look so out of place like your typical ad copy article and then the penny dropped when I saw the oddsdigger link! Phew I was thinking what the hell is this!

  • McSerb

    Daniel has to be careful not to overplay his hand or he could end up in a Renault or Haas. Red Bull are already annoyed with his statements because he is making it look like he is calling all the shots. Actually, they already have a new contract with Verstappen and Marko sees the kid as a new Vettel (that means their #1 of choice). They always have great (and cheap) young drivers to promote so they would not miss Dan too much. On the other hand, Ricciardo seems to be banking on Mercedes too heavily. I believe the German team is flirting with him just to keep Bottas on his toes all the time but I doubt they really want to let the Finn go. Things are working just fine for them, so WHY take any risks with a potentially damaging new pairing ? It just doesn`t make sense. Ferrari need Dan much more than Mercedes do but Vettel doesn`t need (or want) him at all and we all remember that Ferrari do not want two roosters in the same henhouse, don`t we ? So, I don`t think Dan really has anywhere to go. Not because he is not good enough but because the balance of power has already been established in the competitive teams. I do understand that staying with Red Bull is also tricky because of the engine problem in 2019 but maybe Honda finally hits the target (by then).

  • Ambientereal

    No parallels at all. Lewis changed to a strong team that still needed time to produce it´s best. Daniel is in the best team he can be.

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