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Alonso and me results, Two north poles negative energy – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says he will never again be paired with a driver like Fernando Alonso.

The Briton made his F1 debut over a decade ago alongside then reigning world champion Alonso at McLaren.

“That will never happen,” he told Stuttgarter Zeitung about the prospect of teaming up with Alonso again.

“Toto (Wolff) understands how the dynamics of a team works and compares it to a magnet. When two north poles meet, they repeal one another, so you need a north and a south pole.

“Two north poles results in negative energy, like in 2007 with Alonso and me,” Hamilton added.


  • cameron coulson

    LPB can have his own opinion. Why were Mercedes Chicken… afraid of disruption and maybe FA kicks his butt. Won’t ever know, because they were afraid, too bad. LPB, you brought up good points from that dramatic 2007 season.

  • MiaScusi

    Nothing more than speculation. You have no proof that it will result as you predicted. You are a fool to claim it.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    I think he knows that he was favored by McLaren in their last head to head in 2007, and without that he would have been beaten by Alonso. Also Lewis did a lot of testing before the 2007 season. All of the previous year. Testing the 2006 car and the development of the 2007 car. Some say that he did 11,000 km of testing. I don’t have proof of that number, but this was in the days of unlimited testing. Alonso basically got in the car in January, and only had a minimal amount of testing of the car compared to Lewis.

    Yet without McLaren favoring Lewis (like Alonso suddenly going 1s a lap slower in qualifying, due to a “mistaken wrong tire pressure”) then Alonso would have been WDC ahead of Lewis and Kimi. Also Alonso has improved, he rarely makes mistakes, and Lewis makes some, or has bad days. So in a straight fight in the same car I think that Lewis would be beaten by Alonso, and he knows it.

    I also think that the Monaco qualifying cheating of Nico, the Spain “accidental” wrong engine mode at the start, then pushing Lewis off track, and the Spa “accidental” cutting of the rear tire really hurt Lewis emotionally. I don’t think he ever wants to be in a fight with a team mate in the garage, as well as on the track.

  • Vasilas

    I think he’s just afraid of Nando, just like any other driver on the grid.

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