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Hamilton leaves Verstappen ‘perplexed’

Max Verstappen says Lewis Hamilton’s off-track behaviour often leaves him “perplexed”.

The Red Bull driver told De Telegraaf newspaper that over the course of the last year, he began using social media less and less.

“I don’t follow many drivers on social media,” Verstappen revealed.

“I follow Daniel (Ricciardo). And Lewis. And Pierre (Gasly) because he’s a nice guy.

“When I see what Lewis does in his free time, I’m sometimes really perplexed. He does so much! It’s his life and he wins races and championships so it’s fine. You can hardly say it doesn’t work for him,” he added.

Verstappen is quoted by Turun Sanomat as saying that after a bad start to the season, he now doesn’t want 2017 to end.

“Abu Dhabi is the last race but I’m in really good shape at the moment. I’d prefer to just keep racing and racing,” said the Dutchman.

Verstappen can challenge Hamilton for 2018

Former Benetton and Renault chief Flavio Briatore believes that Max Verstappen can go wheel-to-wheel with Mercedes driver Hamilton if Red Bull give him a competitive car for the job.

“For me, Verstappen is very nice news for F1,” Briatore told Express Sport, when asked if Verstappen can reach Hamilton’s level.

“Formula One needed a driver like Max Verstappen. Next year, if the car is competitive, maybe he’ll be up there.

“But Mercedes is too strong.”

Verstappen, Hamilton and co. will wrap up the 2017 season at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit on Sunday November 26.


  • MiaScusi

    Maxcrash should not be perplexed. Hambone is just a whiney little spoiled brat and wannbe rapper.

  • MiaScusi

    HAAAAAA! You went to Justin Wilson’s funeral. You also claimed this week that you are a movie mogul and understand everything about how a movie was made. You have claimed that you know what and how Niki Lauda thinks because of your job. You also claim that you are the world’s #1 expert in your field and that your brother is a top aero dynamist in F1. What so these all have in common? They come from a proven liar and you never have been able to provide a tiny shred of evidence to back your claims. Add it all up and it proves you as nothing more than a liar and a fraud. Just, tr0ll BS to hide the fact that you have no substance or credibility. You, just make crap up while waiting for Mom to bring your afternoon snack while tr0llng.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Started watching in 1985, if it wasn’t for Alsono, Dan, Max and Lewis I would stop watching. I find the rules worse every year, the crying of some drivers and teams unbearable, and the halo a strange development. Having said that, I was at Justin Wilson’s funeral, and if it could have saved him, that would have been good. I will see what comes of it.

  • Laurens Wolting

    Started watching since 1995, but to be honest, I would have stopped watching if it wasn’t for Max.
    Rules and regulations are getting worse every year. The halo is almost to hard to take. And can’t watch it at open tv-channel anymore.

    I hope they turn it around soon.

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