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I was only using 10% of my potential – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says he is so much happier today than he was at the beginning of his F1 career.

The Brit wasted no time in celebrating his monumental achievement, flying with family, made parties for friends, adventure programs and also modeling. Lewis claims that he was only using 10 per cent of his potential in Formula 1.

The Briton has just wrapped up his fourth drivers’ title, telling the Italian magazine Sportweek that he is happier at 32 than when he entered F1 a decade ago.

“When I think of how I felt years ago, I imagine being tied up and unable to move.

“It was enough for me to be in F1 and I told myself it was the best job in the world. But outside the car I didn’t feel right, I didn’t feel complete,” Hamilton said.

“I was only using 10 per cent of my potential.”

He won the title in 2008 but later switched to Mercedes and allowed his personality to flourish. He now jets all over the world, dabbles in music and fashion and mingles with celebrities.

“We often forget that we don’t live forever and that life is short,” Hamilton insisted. “And I don’t like to waste a minute.

“I’m scared I will miss something, so I make my days very long.”

Chasing Schumi’s records not impossible

The newly-crowned four-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton presently has 62 F1 victories to his name, second on the all-time list and 29 behind Michael Schumacher’s 91 wins, while he’s three F1 titles off of the legendary German’s seven world championships.

“I hope I will keep winning for a long, long time. If the fight remains within me and it is still there now but I still don’t really have the desire to chase Michael,” the 32-year-old said. “I’m much closer now than I’ve ever been. Before getting 91 wins felt so distant, it’s still a long way off but it’s not impossible to think it could potentially get somewhere near.

“I’m really just grateful to be up there among the real greats. Not only amongst them but now standing up there with them along with the four titles and the pole positions, I think that’s something I’m very proud of. I plan to win a lot more races, so we will see how it goes.”


  • Formerly Known As

    Did you even read the article Colosi?

  • Formerly Known As

    Richard, comprehension was never your strongest trait. I guess you must first learn to read before you can comprehend.

    I know that your job as a Austrian tour guide at tripadvisor does not provide you with much personal and educational growth but hopefully your part time civil servant job might.

  • Giraffes

    Of course he talks about himself, he is answering questions about himself. If the interviewer asked a question and he refused to answer then the likes of you would claim he is hiding something.

  • Salvu Borg

    two oneyedfanboys if ever there were two.

  • Mark Leel

    What has Vettel got to do with this article?
    You have a serious obsession.

  • Mark Leel

    Before commenting next time understand the article before making a fool of yourself. Hamilton was talking about not utilising his full potential on his interests outside racing.

  • Mark Leel

    You are one jealous fool.

  • bobmendon

    Do you feel the same way about Vettel or are you being hypocritical?

  • telstar

    Jose is correct. Hamilton was referring to feeling incomplete outside of the car, like using only 10% of his potential. He was not referring to his racing potential.

  • telstar

    Hamilton meant outside of the car, he felt incomplete, like only using 10% of his potential. He was not referring to his racing potential.

  • Ron Mollineaux


  • Mario

    The hate her only makes me like him more because I know why he is hated by the few. If someone is different than ourselves they get your hate. I am so glad he is champion just so the haters can do what they do best, nothing. He is a “world” champion, and when you are dead gone and forgotten, his name will still be in the books.

  • nakagoli

    omg! what an ego !

  • Jose

    Hating much? It seems like you can’t even comprehend what you’re reading due to your hate. He is not talking about 10% of his driving potential.

  • Salvu Borg

    This total jerk loves himself, likes talking about himself and loves biging himself add to that his fan-clubs and his oneeyedfanboys biging him, and there is a real risk of him EXLODING.

  • Sempre Davanti

    What a douche. Wonder how Alonso feels, or how Rosberg feels, or how Button feels when he says he was only using 10%

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