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2018 F1 cars will be like driving “a bus” – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says next year’s cars will be like driving “a bus”.

The quadruple world champion is referring to the rule change from four engines per driver to just three next year, and the mandatory addition of heavy ‘Halo’ devices.

Already, Hamilton’s Mercedes boss Niki Lauda told La Gazzetta dello Sport this week that Halo is akin to “protecting the drivers as though they are babies”.

And Hamilton said he is ruing the rule change that will require drivers to be even more careful with engine mileage in 2018.

“It will definitely be worse,” he is quoted as saying by Tuttosport. “We will be forced to drive like endurance drivers.

“Already we have all of this fuel, then with the arrival of Halo it will be like driving a bus.

“The cars will be as heavy as a Nascar, the braking distances will be longer, it’s certainly not what we want as drivers. That’s not how to make the most of our potential,” Hamilton added.


  • cameron coulson

    Totally agree fast rabbit. They want to have LMP3, joke!

  • Barry

    I agree with Louis entirely. No one wants to see drivers die, but if the sport were entirely lacking in danger, there would be little skill required to be in it. Already it has become too easy. And these halos are ridiculous looking.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Spot on comment.

  • rabbit

    Totally ridiculous of F1 as usual.
    They are responsible for the death of Jules Bianchi through incompetent officials, Charlie Whiting (now 65 so do us a favour and retire already)., They have used examples from Indycar and Formula 2 (accident from 2009) to justify the need for the Halo.
    Ironically Indycar will not be using the ridiculous looking device.
    The minimum weight of an F1 car is 728kg but in the 1980s it was 575kg. Totally ridiculous, aside from the fact logically today’s cars carry more energy into accidents because they weigh much more.

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