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Red Bull rumours do not interest me right now – Sainz

Carlos Sainz has batted away rumours his stay at Renault could be fleeting.

The Spaniard has moved from the Red Bull family to the works Renault team, as part of the complex deal that sees Toro Rosso switch to Honda power for 2018.

But Sainz, 23, is merely on ‘loan’, with Christian Horner insisting that he can be pulled away to Red Bull for 2019 if Daniel Ricciardo decides to leave.

When asked about that, Sainz fended off the question.

“I feel very good at Renault,” he told EFE news agency ahead of the Brazilian grand prix.

“They have made me feel at home from day one, helping me to adapt to the team and the car very quickly, in addition to the desire I had to join the team and move forward.”

Sainz said that, like Red Bull, Renault is also a F1 “world champion”, insisting: “Everything about 2019 and the Red Bull rumours do not interest me right now.”

He also defended Renault amid criticism of widespread reliability problems, saying: “They are small problems, and I would not even call them problems.

“They are simply problems with experience, with adaptation of how the car reacts to different situations in the race,” said Sainz.


  • MiaScusi

    Like you do understand it all, huh? Must be all that inside information you got from your made up brother. Before, you blocked him for proving you wrong. HAAAAAAAA! You entertain everyday.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    So all that talk about him wanting to be in a top team next year got him this move. And that showed how good he is, by being the Hulk immediately. But people were laughing at him for speaking up. They said he should be grateful to Red Bull and keep quiet. I guess those people don’t understand how the politics of F1 works.

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