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Alonso can win F1 2018 title – Fittipaldi

Formula 1 legend Emerson Fittipaldi thinks Fernando Alonso could have a title-winning car on his hands next year.

The once-great British team is switching from Honda to Renault power for 2018, and Fittipaldi thinks that could be the boost Spaniard Alonso is needing.

“I think it will be much better,” Fittipaldi, a two-time world champion of the 70s, told AS newspaper.

“I think Fernando is the best and I also think McLaren has a great car,” said the 70-year-old Brazilian, who was at the Mexican grand prix. “As Alonso said the other day, it is a great car in the corners.

“So if they continue with that quality of chassis and aerodynamics with the Renault engine next year, they can fight for podiums, victories and even the title,” Fittipaldi predicted.

He also said he sees potential greatness in F1’s other Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz.

“He is in a good place with Renault and I see him going step by step to the top,” he said.

“The future is his along with drivers like Verstappen,” Fittpaldi added.


  • Wiesdom

    Alonso won his wdc only competing against weak competition. The level of talent now is at the highest ever. He has to beat Lewis, Vettel, Max and DR. Good luck doing that!

  • Johnny

    Right. Because with a strong chassis, much more powerful engine, and great drivers, McLaren is going to finish worse than a team with a subpar chassis, a terrible engine, and nothing drivers.

  • Mark Leel

    For Alonso to win the title next season Renault have to make a quantum leap with their engine.

  • Matti

    I wouldn’t be surprised if McLaren finished behind Torro Rosso next season.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Emo has spoken!

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