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Vettel gives prickly response to reporter following Hamilton question

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel gave a prickly response when asked if F1 rival Lewis Hamilton is now on a par with him.

The title rivals Vettel and Hamilton collided on the opening lap, with both sent to the rear of the field after pitstops to repair the damage.

Vettel’s failure to finish in the top two at Mexico – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez meant Mercedes ace Hamilton went level with him on four Formula 1 titles.

When the source asked about Hamilton equaling things up, Vettel didn’t sound too impressed.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Vettel said: “He’s on a par [with me], if you can count.

“I don’t fear him, I like racing with him but I would have liked a little bit more of that this year. Overall they were just the better bunch.”

The German was pleased to praise Hamilton, who’s become the first British driver to win the F1 title three times, though.

Vettel said: “It’s disappointing [finishing fourth]. It’s not that important what we have done today, it’s more important what Lewis has done and he’s done a superb job all year round and deserves to win the title.

“Congratulations to him. It’s not about anybody else today. It’s about him. It’s his day.”


  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    I saw the interview. It was what Vettel said. He was avoiding the question as usual. Never a straight answer from Vettel.

  • MiaScusi

    That is high praise, coming from the master tr0ll.

  • Salvu Borg

    You sure can see a bitter and stupid person when you see one bunny.

  • iman50

    Whatever. Keep moving. You will not be missed.

  • Maky

    Yea that’s fine. Not a Vettel fan, far from it but he had just lost the world title and to ask a question which was clearly meant to get a response out of him…

  • Salvu Borg

    At least I have never been called/declared a DICKHEAD, let alone by a prominent person and neither a JERK nor a BORN LIAR.

  • Barry

    Not too hot at reading are you?

  • Barry

    You call that prickly? I’d say you were more of a prick to ask him the question. Hamilton won the Championship and you tried to stir up a shit storm and Vettel gave you a shit hat for your trouble. When will you clowns
    learn to report the news and quit trying to create it.

  • Mark Leel

    You are incredibly bitter & stupid.

  • bunchoffunk

    haters gonna hate huh senor bob?

  • bunchoffunk

    In fact you are the dickhead Salvu Borg. Must be hard to swallow the fact that number 5 will never win another championship, and number 44 will at least win another in 2018 with the engine rules staying the same. You are a muppet.

  • theseanofsydney

    this is f1
    never heard of it.
    no wonder with this click bait nothing

  • bobmendon

    Click bait and Vettel hating. Nothing new here.

  • Richard Piers

    Not sure who the author is, but a rather extravagant interpretation of what Vettel actually said. Trying to make a story out of nothing !

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Nice trolling. Congratulations.

  • Ron Mollineaux


  • Salvu Borg

    So number 5 gave a “prickly response” about number 44. A prickly response about a declared dick head is a very apt response.

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