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Williams to keep Kubica test info ‘private’ – Lowe

Robert Kubica – Williams F1 testing picture. Credit – twitter.com/VVVGamer

Williams is not releasing information about Robert Kubica’s test that took place at Silverstone this week.

All a spokesman for the British team would say about the Pole’s run in a 2014 car was that it had been “successful”.

“We will not be releasing any further information at this time,” the spokesman said.

But it is believed Williams will follow up Kubica’s Silverstone run on Wednesday with a more comprehensive two-day test in Hungary next week.

That test will also be attended by Paul di Resta, another contender to replace Felipe Massa next year.

“We will test those two drivers,” team technical director Paddy Lowe confirmed.

“We won’t give away any information around what we do within those tests — that’s a private matter for us and I would stress that it doesn’t mean they’re the only drivers under consideration.”


  • Seán

    Oh here we go … someone who got their lunch money stolen and is looking for attention has a thought! … what a laugh I had at this … unreal … you are certainly very deluded if that;s what you really think!

    Firstly, what “word” are we talking about here? How come YOU seem to have this information, where did you get it and how valid is it? I’m guessing not at all relevant or valid … like no offence, but who are you and why would anyone give you this information and allow you to leak it … in a closed session only a secret few have that info … they know the programme and they know the actual details … its not like a full race weekend … so I call BS on your “word” … unless to can post some type of author active figure … which I’m guessing you can’t …

    You then go on to call Kubica ‘handicapped” … in actual fact, it’s more of “limited ability” through less functional movement of his arm … certainly not “handicapped” … you are likely more handicapped than that! … mentally handicapped it would seem lolololololol

    You really seem to have a downer on Williams, the THIRD most successful team in the history of the sport … maybe they stole your lunch money lololol

    I’d suggest going back to your playpen and staying there until you cool off and stop spotting unverified sh1t.

  • Alex O’Mahony

    Shame is only when true intentions are revealed. Have they been revaled? Don’t think so, so please let it roll and then we’ll see:) My gut feeling is that if they were to run for publicity sake only, they would make it as open as possible – why close the gates then? And if that is off the list, handicapped person – do you know how much money they spent on such test? Why do thry test Kubica if he is not fully capable? Reno did not let Kubica go due to his inconsistency in driving – one and only reason – big push for Honda to stay in F1, and then the chain reaction started with Sainz mixing in the pack for Reno. Listen to Rosberg, he explained that during Japan GP.
    So keep calm and support Kubica as it would be history in the making for F1 fans.

  • Marek

    Psssst . Keep calm and wait. It may surprised you but Robert is damn fast. BTW – his pocket is not your business. In worst case he can take a loan and sign new insurance policy. Can’t he ?

  • Bill Cape Coral

    Shame on Williams using Kubica for the feel good story to get them some publicity.

    People talk and Williams can’t stop that, word is Kubica suffered from the same issues in this test as he did in the Renault tests and that was Robert Kubica is unable to put together consistent laps on long runs.

    Using a handicapped person to try and gain a little publicity is low and Williams being the back marker team they are these days are more than willing to now use handicapped people in an attempt to gain publicity, how shameful.

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