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Toto Wolff hits back at Helmut Marko over ‘style’ comment

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has hit back at his Red Bull counterpart Dr Helmut Marko.

At Suzuka, Marko slammed Wolff for lacking “style” by meeting with Jos Verstappen, the father of Red Bull driver Max.

Wolff hit back: “I have had a good relationship with Jos since Max was not even close to formula one.”

The Mercedes chief described his meeting with Jos and the Dutchman’s management as mere “coffee with friends”.

According to Bild newspaper, Wolff also responded to Marko’s claim that only Red Bull has the “balls” to give F1 debuts to young drivers, “in contrast to Ferrari and Mercedes”.

Wolff hit back: “Quite honestly, here at Mercedes we think with our heads rather than our balls.”


  • Kal Pajor

    yeah but “thinking with their balls” has given Red Bull the same amount of success as Mercedes even though they have only been on the grid for just over a decade

  • Ikke niet

    yep… Max and Lewis

    great team lots of competition between the two…can’t wait

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    It’s funny that Marko says this, when Red Bull have two teams and Mercedes only have one team. But still Mercedes have Ocon and Wehrlein in other teams to evaluate them. Just as Red Bull does with their Toro Rosso drivers. And Ferrari are talking about putting drivers in Sauber as part of their young driver program. So Marko would be saying that Mercedes should be putting a novice driver straight into their Mercedes car, when Red Bull don’t put a novice driver straight into their Red Bull car. Very funny.

  • Sid

    So…. Even if Toto was meeting Jos to discuss a possible 2019 deal with Merc for Max, why on earth does Marko think that is something that “lacks style”? Poaching drivers from opponent teams is something that has been around for ages, or does Marko think redbull drivers should forever remain loyal to redbull?

  • Simon le Bon

    “Quite honestly, here at Mercedes we think with our heads rather than our balls.”
    Toto is brilliant! Helmut is affraid to loose his top talent to Mercedes and Lewis seems to get along quite well with Max.

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