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Vettel set to avoid Japanese GP grid penalty

Sebastian Vettel looks set to avoid a grid penalty at Suzuka (Japanese Grand Prix) this weekend.

Four-time world champion had admitted following his bizarre post-race crash with Lance Stroll that he wasn’t sure if his gearbox had been damaged.

If it needs to be replaced, he would take a five-place grid drop this weekend in Japan.

Sky Italia reports that Ferrari sent the unit back to Maranello where it was found that it “should be (able to be) saved”.

However, Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has admitted that the weekend in Malaysia left him angry and “tearing out my hair”.

“It is unquestionable that we could have won, not only there but also in Singapore,” he said.

“Our problems are due to two things. First, we have a very young team, and second, the quality of the components is not up to the required level.

“We are intervening now with organisational changes.”

Ferrari’s two drivers, however, are calling for calm.

The German is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport: “It is definitely not ideal to have two similar defects on consecutive days. But we also can’t complain about our reliability over the entire season.

“This happens when you operate at the limit.”

And Kimi Raikkonen said: “There is no reason to blame anyone. We obviously had a very difficult weekend in Malaysia, but I’m sure we will get it under control.”

Vettel continued: “The truth is that we have a car that can win anywhere. I think we are faster than Mercedes.

“It was a difficult weekend, but our speed is promising.”


  • MiaScusi

    You nothing more than just a hater.

  • MiaScusi

    Every time, you have used your little slide show that YOU created to bolster your false narrative has always been an epic fail. Just, like you Vettels wheels are hard lift comment. Your theories are nothing more than conjecture on your part and prove nothing.

  • MiaScusi

    Come on, you make up stories here all the time. It is called fake news. And, it is universally ridiculed for what it is.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    How about this. “Four times world champion, because Red Bull cheated and favored him over his team mate, drove across the line of Stroll to cause Stroll to hit him, so he could blame Stroll when he was really avoiding running out of fuel which would have robbed him of 4th place.” You are right, it’s a much better headline with just the truth.

  • Salvu Borg


  • Salvu Borg

    bob, They are in a race between friends for first past the post of FERRARI lovers.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Weird then that Vettel is less than 1 meter from Stroll and his steering wheel is pointing to the left. I mean if you look at the onboard images. But if you don’t actually look at what is happening then you can’t see that. If you go to my Disqus profile you will see images that I posted (on a site where I can post images) of Vettel passing Stroll. He is turning into Stroll. He wasn’t rounding the outside of the corner, he was more than 50% of the way over to the left of the track crowing Stroll and turning in onto Stroll’s line on the track. The images will show you this.

    Look at the second image and look at Vettel’s wheel. It has a considerable amount of turn on it. Between image #1 and image #2 you can see that he increases the turning angle slightly and moves even closer to Stroll. I’ve seen a video from Grosjean’s car, where it looks like Stroll darts to the right, but then I realized that Grosjean is moving to the left suddenly, making Stroll’s move look far more significant than it is.

    Either Vettel is an evil genius, or a really bad driver. I will accept either version. His move on Max pushing him into Kimi in Singapore shows a lack of spacial awareness. His move on Kimi in Spa last year pushing him into Max shows the same lack of spacial awareness. His many crashes in the last few years, into Kvyat, or at the start of last year’s Malaysian GP. Lots of reasons to think that he is a really bad driver. But if he isn’t, then this was clearly intentional, as NO ONE goes that close to another car on the warm down lap, crowds the other car like that and TURNS IN on him at the last minute, as shown by the in-car footage.

    Remember when Piquet Jr spun in Singapore and Alonso won the race. People said it was intentional and others said that was crazy. The FIA investigated, found nothing wrong, and the result stood. And then one year later, it turns out that all those conspiracy theorists were right. I’m not saying that Vettel did it on purpose. I am saying that it is actually possible and his actions were not consistent with that of a driver who was being careful at the end of the race.

    Vettel has done 193 races so he knows how to drive at the end of a race. But here he decided to stop being cautious and cause the only post race crash that I can recall. It seems weird. Add to that the in-car footage, the fuel rules that end up in an exclusion from the result, and the slowing laps BEFORE the end of the race. It’s enough to ask the question. You cannot laugh at someone who asks the question. Just like you can’t laugh at those people who said that Piquet Jr crashed on purpose. As they were proven right in the end.

  • bobmendon

    “Four-time world champion had admitted following his bizarre post-race crash with Lance Stroll that he wasn’t sure if his gearbox had been damaged.” Words matter…how about writing, “Four-time world champion was concerned about gear box issues after he was involved in a bizarre incident where Lance Stoll hit him.” Vettel did not hit Stroll. Stroll hit Vettel. Another example of this site posting unsigned and unattributed articles, written boy fanboys to keep up the hateful narratives against Vettel.

  • Roger Flerity

    Yeah, Vettel was clearly at fault for Stroll not turning his car into that corner. What was he thinking? To make Toto the clown’s theory work, Vettel would have been shown to turn down toward Stroll, which was not the case. Stroll’s wheels did not turn into the corner, he went straight, the FIA know this from telemetry, and Stroll knows he was distracted by fiddling with the steering wheel settings. Vettel was rounding the outside of the corner, not turning down into Stroll, assuming Stroll was paying attention. However, he had no necessary reason to pass – thus the ruling of no fault by stewards, as neither were specifically guilty of anything but post race distraction. Conspiracy theories are most frequently created by someone who has an alterior unstated motive, making a statement that know-nothing clowns accept as fact, without objective evaluation. Haters are frequently duped into falling for propaganda aimed at their favorite target… because they don’t get what’s going on beyond their red mist vitriol.

  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    They are only conspiracy theories until they are shown to be true. This site reports on what people are saying, they don’t make up the stories. So get off their back. Vettel either did it on purpose or he is a total idiot. Take your pick. Fool or evil genius.

  • bobmendon

    From this website or Marchionne? It looks like this site is doing a good job lashing Vettel with it’s poor journalism and posting of conspiracy theories.

  • kcabmi

    The lashings will continue until moral improves 🙂

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