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Hamilton should ‘rethink’ political tactics – Wolff

The video shows a chihuahua humping what appears to be a Donald Trump soft toy – Image Source: The Sun

Toto Wolff has told Lewis Hamilton to “rethink” his public political stance about controversial US president Donald Trump.

On social media, the Mercedes driver recently admitted he is siding with American NFL football players who are choosing to ‘take a knee’ during renditions of the US national anthem.

And now at Sepang, Hamilton posted on Instagram a video depicting a small dog ‘humping’ a Trump doll.

The video soon disappeared.

“I did not and I would not have removed it,” Hamilton told Sky Italia at Sepang.

The rumour is that Mercedes told Hamilton’s social media manager to delete the video.

Indeed, a reporter for La Gazzetta dello Sport asked Wolff in Malaysia if he is worried the video could have ramifications for Hamilton and Mercedes at the US grand prix next month.

“This is a very controversial and polarising story,” the Austrian admitted. “I wouldn’t want to get involved in politics.

“Lewis’ feelings about human rights are very strong and I think he wanted to show that and probably Instagram as the communication channel is something that he needs to rethink. But I can relate to his feelings,” Wolff said.

“I think one of the most important things in the US is that you have the right to express your opinion and I would want to leave it there.

“I think we are here as sport teams and sports should unite and I’m not sure that is happening everywhere in the world. So I would rather lead by example and not comment on politics,” he added.

But Briton Hamilton has vowed to continue to express his “freedom of speech”, and is not even ruling out ‘taking a knee’ ahead of the US grand prix in Texas.

“I have not thought about it,” he told the Times. “I’ve not even thought about that race but I will have to start to think about it — what would be right for me to do, or do I even need to get involved?

“I think we all do need to stand together.”

The temptation for Mercedes might be to tell Hamilton to stay out of politics, but Wolff said that approach will not work with the 32-year-old driver.

“The more you try to limit him – put him in a box – the more detrimental it will be for his performance,” he told the Telegraph.

“The old mentality of ‘a racing driver has to be like this or like that’ is invalid for Lewis.”

Meanwhile, Hamilton said he is keen to open talks with Mercedes about a new contract beyond 2018, but Wolff says it is too early for that.

“We want him to stay a while,” he said. “But we want to win the championship first and then open discussions because they can take a while.”


  • Sarcasm is lost on you then.

  • Lord Humongous

    Thank you.

  • And that makes it so. Yeah great logic 🙂

  • Lord Humongous

    Like I said…issues.

  • You have no idea what issues I do or don’t have so don’t pretend that you do.
    You say that then proceed to tell me I’m pre-judging !

    There is no ignorance here my friend. It is abundantly clear that Donald Trump is an imcompetent President, a racist, a bigot and a danger to your country. The ignorant ones are those that fail to see that.

    Guess what…people are free to speak their mind in my country too. All over Europe too I believe…and…Australia…in fact there are a great many countries where people can freely speak their mind. You’re not special in that and the flat-out arrogance you people have of labelling your Presidents “The leader of the free world” just wreaks of an deluded sense of superiority.
    I’m am in part of this free world and, thankfully, your Presidents are not my leaders. Unless in your eyes the ‘world’ stops at your shoreline, which for most Americans it does because their lack of travel or knowledge of the rest of the world is embarrassing compared to people anywhere else in the western world.

    No there are not consequences for every action. There may be consequences for SOME actions. Get things into perspective.

    If I do or don’t come to America, and I have no desire to, my visit there would have no affect on ‘us all’. While you have this orangutan in office, I wouldn’t want to visit your desperate country where its so-called leaders are leaving in droves and the top man is a clueless embarrassment to any credibility your country had left after your bankers managed to bring in a massive recession without any getting jailed. Your gun culture is backward (as is your date format) and you can’t even spell aluminium or pronounce Iraq or Iraq properly , which is surprising considering you unjustly invaded one of them !

    You say you don’t need any more (not ‘no more’) people with corrosive or hateful small minds yet you idiots with your stupid electoral college elected in the epitome of that !

    One way you’ll wake up and smell the cwoffee (as they say in Boston) 🙂

  • Lord Humongous

    You have much greater issues than this one my friend. You prejudge with a pathetic and enthusiastic ignorance. People are free to speak their mind in our country, but with every action, there are consequences. Do us all a favor, don’t come here. We need no more people with small, corrosive and hateful small minds.

  • Lord Humongous

    Lewis can do whatever he desires. But, with every action, there are consequences. I am not sure he fully recognizes the potential ramifications here in the States of doing what he is thinking of doing. Of course there would undoubtedly be ramifications within F1 (who are diligently seeking to expand their American audiance) and perhaps Mercedes, for whom he is a literal global spokesman. Lewis might not believe it, but F1 and Mercedes could get along just fine without him.

  • Your president is a sham and the most ignorant buffoon ever to have held office ever. Your laughable president deserves no respect. He is a racist, misogamist megalomaniac. Never mind about your flag and your anthem. Why? Because it’s a piece of cloth and a piece of music. You claim freedom of speech then baulk at people who express a different opinion than you.

    The NFL are quite right to take the position they have and if Hamilton wants to side with them, he is free to do so.
    Set back the growth of F1? Give me a break. Don’t be so over-dramatic. Yeah you boycott anything you don’t agree with in your ‘free world’ country with free speech. How hypocritical.

    Remember when you lot boycotted anything French because of their stance on the gulf war (or whatever it was)? Yet you forget that your own statue of liberty was given to you by the French. Didn’t see you boycotting that.

    Trump is a laughable excuse for a President and the entire world knows it except for a few blind and ignorant sheep who voted for and continue to support him. He colludes with the Russians (and so does his son-in-law), he disrepects entire peoples and is a bumbling idiot who is totally clueless about the job he is in. He is also delusional and lives out his Presidency on f’ing Twitter ffs then spends the rest of his time on the golf course.
    Lewis Hamilton is more of a human being than Donald Trump could ever hope to be.
    If you support that bufoon, then I pity your ignorance. Next you’ll be telling me god really exists !

  • David Siller


    Don’t bother coming to the USA if you are siding with the NFL players. They are very WRONG and you should not be so disrespectful of our President. There is always a proper time and place to protest, but not on the job. The NFL players are doing a great injustice to proud Americans by destroying the entertainment value of football. If you are joining them then be forewarned that it is NOT proper conduct for a foreign visitor to show disrespect for the American flag and Anthem. You could set-back the growth of F1 in America forever if you conduct yourself that way and Mercedes Benz will suffer the same boycott of their product if they allow this.

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