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McLaren ‘would consider’ building own F1 engines

McLaren Boss Zak Brown hints that it is considering building its own engine for 2021, all depends on the forthcoming engine regulations, although this will only happen if costs are reduced.

Double world champion Fernando Alonso — well-known as one of the best drivers in F1 but crippled by the McLaren-Honda crisis since 2015, with a new deal with Renault from next season an attempt to control the downward curve.

“I think the landscape in Formula 1 is going to change in a very positive way from 2021 onwards, with budget caps, revenue redistribution, and new engine rules,” said Brown in Monza last weekend.
“So it’s a little hard to take any decisions on ’21 with so many things that will change.

“For us to do our own engine, that’s not something we’ve done before – so that would require a good lead time and some good capital expenditure.

“We’d consider doing it. We just need to have an understanding of the platform, what are the rules, and what is it going to cost.

“We certainly wouldn’t be in a position to spend the hundreds of millions that it takes now to develop engines, so they’re going to have to change the engine formula for it to be something that economically would be viable for us.”

Until then, McLaren is presently trapped in the situation of trying to find a go-to developer come 2018 Formula 1. Rumors say that Brown signed a deal with Renault just last week for next season, but the team is yet to confirm or deny.


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