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F1 ‘Shield’ Cockpit Protection System Mockup 1

At the pilots’ meeting, they offered an alternative to the cockpit protection systems called FIA, Halo and Aero-screen, called “Shield”, a so-called canopy-style system.

Turkish designer Olcay Tuncay Karabulut prepared a drawing for us to show how this new system would look. This structure, which is almost integrated with the nose of the car, is elevated towards the pilota in the concept interpreted by Olcay and then descends from side to side. The system is not as durable as Halo and does not have the strength to withstand a tipping tire. But the wing parts are functional enough to change the direction of small parts such as suspension parts.

Shield is also transparent at the same time will not affect the pilot’s opinion. In the face of Halo and Aero-screen being directly around the cockpit, the Shield-style cockpit protection system is more integrated with the nose of the car. According to the other two, this system rises farther backwards, starting from the front.

This glazed protection system does not completely cover the cockpit, but it protects the pilot’s head with a higher position than the front against objects from the front.

As fans and teams oppose Halo in a serious way, the Shield-style protection system, which Olcay has commented on, appears to be endorsed in terms of image and security from all walks of life.


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