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Manor asks to race 2016 F1 car this season

Manor asks to race 2016 F1 car this season

Manor asks to race 2016 F1 car this season

If Manor finds an eleventh-hour saviour, the embattled backmarker team would have to race its 2016 car early this season.

That is the claim of Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, as Manor reportedly enters its final 10 days before administrators move to close down the team.

“One month before testing, no investor has been found yet,” reports Tobias Gruner.

“We hear that Renault and Toro Rosso have already taken some Manor employees under contract.

“In order to buy some time, Manor has now asked the FIA for help,” he revealed.

Auto Motor und Sport said an Asian consortium and American Tavo Hellmund may be interested in buying Manor, but no deal is done.

So for now, the team’s British headquarters are quiet, even though rival teams are busily preparing their radically different cars for the new 2017 rules.

Gruner continued: “Even if an investor is found, the racing operation cannot start again immediately. To have more time for a last-minute sale, the team has asked the FIA if it can use its old (2016) car in the first three races.”

The report said the move would require the consent not only of the FIA but the other ten teams.

“It is clear that a 2016 car will have no chance of the 107pc qualifying rule against the faster 2017 cars,” Gruner concluded.


  • Christian La Gioia

    well here is a thought , why not put F1 , GP2 and GP3 in the same races like a WEC style and LOSE the blue flags and NO DEFENDING regulations and let the drivers fight it out within the limits of course, I think that would be AWSOME then you will see who is a good driver, when GP2 and GP3 drivers will beat each other and maybe even finish ahead of a F1 driver omg i would love that

  • bobmendon

    It’s too bad that all of the manufactures wouldn’t chip in with parts and support to help Manor survive. Do it Haas style, Mercedes gives them an engine, Ferrari suspension and so on.

  • Steve Wyant

    But they wouldn’t even get that far would they? Outside of the 107% rule in Q1 means you go home…

  • Dave Domenicano

    They’ll be lapped by lap 4… that would be a little embarrassing for F1

  • Manor

    FIA and the other ten teams should let them use it, but it’s going to look at bit weird with two 2016 cars among 20 2017 cars. F1 needs teams like Manor, because it needs teams, where young drivers can prove their talents.

  • Salvu Borg

    Last time it was possible to use the previous year chassis but this year I don’t believe that is possible, anyhow, Manor can miss 3 races and still keep FIA license, Manor does not need to have a 2017 car ready until Russia which is the end of April,

  • Godfather

    It will be a 2016 car with larger wheels and wings. Think of it like a manor version of the test cars (2014 Ferrari and Red Bull) that Pirelli tested the 2017 tyres with. It will have the 2016 Mercedes engines but should hopefully update to the new engine in the redesign. It only really needs to beat the Sauber so a short delay won’t be the worse thing

  • MiaScusi

    With the 2017 cars projected to be even more faster this year. It would be inviting disaster to put a rolling chicane in their way. Die with dignity Manor.

  • I don’t know what the directors were thinking… as if they would stand any chance. I’m sure the other teams would veto the entry this time, too. Might as well offer a place to one of the better GP2 teams! The staff are already looking for new jobs by the look of it, they wont want to go through February & March with little or no salary guarantees.

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