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McLaren F1 to run new Honda V6 power unit in 2017

McLaren to run new Honda engine in 2017

McLaren to run new Honda engine in 2017

McLaren has revealed that it will use a new Honda engine in 2017.

The Anglo-British collaboration has made progress since its difficult 2015 debut, and now technical boss Tim Goss says the new Honda V6 has been “altered” for “performance and packaging”.

“The new power unit takes much of the learning from the past two seasons, but has been specifically redesigned for this season,” he added.

Goss said he is hopeful the 2017 chassis rule changes are an opportunity for McLaren-Honda to catch up.

“This season’s changes rank as some of the most significant we’ve ever had in the sport,” he said. “That’s likely to change the competition order — because it’s such a big disturbance.”


  • NeoGalaxy

    From what I’ve heard… Honda is going to copy the Mercedes engine ideas.

  • Rainman 555

    Of course the Honda engine will be much more powerful in 2017 with no token system.
    Just remember one thing McLaren Honda just happen to have the best driver in the WORLD his name is Fernando Alonso. Remember VTEC concept? Honda invented this they are not stupid.

  • NoShit

    What a ridiculously stupid article. We have known for several months that the architecture of the 2017 engine would be completely revised because of token system was going away. Was there a quastion that they would run the 2016 engine. Rubbish article.

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