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Renault: Experimental parts caused Magnussen fire in Malaysia

Magnussen fire in Malaysia

Kevin Magnussen entered the pit-lane with his Renault RS16 just eight minutes into the opening session, suddenly smoke and flames emerged from out of the roll hoop and in the engine bay, and he was forced to hurriedly spring from the front of the car as team mechanics and track marshals tried to extinguish the fire.

However, the fire continually reignited as fuel constantly pumped out of a rupture at the crest of the bodywork, behind the on-board camera, with new eruptions of flames lasting for several minutes.

After the team managed to drain the tank, the fire was finally brought under control and the session resumed after the 15-minute suspension.

Following the incident, Renault technical director Nick Chester says that, the leak appeared to be caused by an experimental part which is prototyping for Mexican Grand Prix.


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