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In 2017 McLaren are equal to Mercedes in horse power – Honda F1 boss

McLaren-Honda 'ready to win' - boss

McLaren-Honda ‘ready to win’ – boss

McLaren-Honda is expecting to match engine pacesetters Mercedes next year.

Amid reports that Mercedes is now edging towards the 1000 horse power mark, McLaren’s once-struggling works supplier Honda is making strong strides forwards.

“Next year we are equal to Mercedes in horse power,” Honda’s F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa is quoted by the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

That would tie in with Fernando Alonso’s bold claim that wins and even a title tilt are the targets for next year.

And his team boss Eric Boullier agreed: “We are ready, more than ever, to win.”

It has been a particularly lean spell for the once-great British team, having failed to win a single grand prix since 2012.

Boullier said: “We have been working hard on our new concept that we believe in. It took Red Bull seven years and Mercedes five.

“If you take the average of all the races (in 2016) then we are at Ferrari’s level in terms of the chassis. Red Bull and Mercedes are better, but we are best of the rest.”


  • Hector Guzman

    You are an idiot also. Do you really know why Japan engine is not competitive ?
    You really have to look at their culture past 20 years back. The new generation simply don’t study in Japan, their education system is just poor compare to other country.

    Every products come out of Japan is already challenged and made better in elsewhere because no one in Japan is capable of new innovation.
    Japanese President has to fix this soon, it’s sinking.

  • Salvu Borg

    and the one above you speaks of idiots!

  • Steve Wyant

    Almost… The MP4/4 dominated in 1988 and the only race it didn’t win was at Monza when Prost’s engine failed and leader Senna got tripped up over Jean-Louis Schlesser with two laps to go. The collision in Japan you speak of happened in 1989 when Prost and Senna were driving the MP4/5 and McLaren-Honda “only” won 10 of the 16 events that year.

  • Tom

    To all the idiots who were not even born when the all Conquering Honda Mclaren mp4/4 was and still is the greatest formula one car of all time, driven by Aryton Senna and Alain Prost won every race one year except the japanese grand prix where they both collided just before finish of race, this type of racing will never be seen again, Honda hasnt been in F1 for years it takes time and honda said it would take this time to catch up and they did, Vtec technology was made in hondas f1 past. Honda V12 engines in the 60s. What other company can say their engines won a formula 1 car and bike in the same year, Not one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Salvu Borg

    Mercedes out to revise its security as the Honda boss seems to already know at what horsepower Mercedes will be running next year.

  • Dave Domenicano

    Why do they keep saying that? Put your money where your mouth is Honda! They are the biggest dreamers in the pitlane…

  • myusername1234!

    Uhuh. I will believe it when I see it – this season McHonda have been matching Ferrari when it comes to raising expectations and making bold claims that their results then failed to justify.

  • Stathis Theodosiadis

    it’s about time..

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