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2016 Formula 1 Driver Salaries

2016 F1 Driver Salary list latest

Ferrari ace Sebastian Vettel on top – the Four-time world champion, who takes home a cool $50 million pay-check annually on top of various performance incentives with 3 year deal. He is also one of the top paid sportsmen in the world.

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso is getting salary of $40 million annually including bonus and sponsors earnings.

Defending world champions Lewis Hamilton is getting salary of $31 million and up to $10 million in bonuses; in fact he is the second highest paid driver behind Vettel in 2016. Lewis is currently the richest United Kingdom sportsman in the with wealth of (£88 million).

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  • Kennet

    And Magnussen? is he now a Hass driver ?

  • myusername1234!

    These numbers have to be based on best guesses and rumour only. I would be absolutely amazed if the drivers do not have to sign some kind of confidentiality clause in their contracts as this kind of information would be very sensitive commercially. Heck even average joe on the street who works in an office will often have a clause in their contract saying they can’t discuss pay with co-workers.

    Also it would probably suit the drivers AND teams to inflate these rumoured figures a bit – driver gets an ego boost and is perceived as more valuable and the team might scare off poachers if they think they are going to have to match a silly figure.

  • Rundo

    Max signed a new contract when he switched to Red Bull, so those numbers are no longer valid. (that makes me wonder if any of the other numbers are correct if they are wrong about this one)

  • myusername1234!

    Other websites make totally different claims on the figures and as information like this would surely be covered by confidentiality clauses these figures must be mainly guesswork.

    Even as a Kimi Raikkonen fan I find it extremely hard to believe he is the 4th highest paid driver on the grid. I mean come on, maybe he would earn the claimed 19 million if he triggered performance clauses by winning every single race and the championship. And why would Red Bull be paying Kvyat 700k but Max Verstappen only 460k when all the other major teams were known to be sniffing around Verstappen earlier this year?

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t think any of the drivers on the grid are poor but some of these figures are OTT. I doubt even a rich team like Ferrari can afford to pay out £50 million per year for just the drivers.

  • Mag The Knife

    And where is Kevin Magnussen and the Manor boys?

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