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Mercedes F1 ‘active suspension’ trick revealed

Mercedes AMG 'active suspension' trick revealed

Mercedes AMG ‘active suspension’ trick revealed

The FIA and rival teams want to stop a rule loophole that explains some of the superiority of Mercedes’ 2016 car.

That is the claim of Germany’s specialist Auto Motor und Sport, claiming the silver-clad team not only has the best engine in F1 but also the best chassis.

The report said the Mercedes has an hydraulic roll and height control system – similar to the earlier ‘Fric’ concept that was banned – that cleverly uses the ‘step’ in the top of the chassis to mimic active suspension.

For aesthetic reasons, this ‘step’ was allowed to be covered by a so-called ‘vanity panel’ after 2012, but it also gave Mercedes a place to house the system outside of the carbon tube.

Mercedes F1 'active suspension' trick revealed

Mercedes F1 ‘active suspension’ trick revealed

Correspondent Michael Schmidt said: “The other teams now recognise the trick and put it on the agenda for the technical meeting on the Tuesday after Monza.”

He added that the FIA would like to ban it shortly, but that would require the agreement of all the teams – including Mercedes – to change the 2017 regulations.

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  • McSerb

    Actually, they have to be out of reach of the FIA. Red Bull are famous for these things because they use stuff which it is too expensive and complex to prove illegal, so the FIA just let`s it go.

  • Lord Lusos

    They discuss the subject in Monza this year… 2016!

  • Salvu Borg

    yes the source article is from 2011, in February 2011 Bob Bell was the one who brought the FRIC system from Renault/Lotus to Mercedes.


    This system does not cost very much, so it must be illegal. The only legal new ideas must cost a fortune, and be out of reach of small teams.

  • Lord Lusos

    The Renault system was aproved in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and was abolished before the USA GP so… why was banned? The same for Mercedes, this car was approved to race by FIA wasn’t? So why it’s illegal now and wasn’t illegal in March or April when the season starts?

  • Lord Lusos

    Read the article!

  • Well that explains the odd movements of the nose of the car entering corners on the camera feeds…
    Didn’t the FIA ban FRIC a few years ago?

  • Tiago Santos

    The article from Scarbs it is from 2011, but there is really something going on about the suspension of the Mercs on the news.

  • Ned Hayfield

    Did you read the Scarbs article? It’s from 2011.

  • Ned Hayfield

    Hold yer horses, people. This is click-bait bullshit, I’m afraid. If you bother to check the Scarbs link, you will see that the source article is from 2011. Maybe this site should be re-named ‘ThisIsF1(FromAWhileAgo(PleaseClick))’ or something. Doing yer research is important, if you’re going to post ‘facts’ on the Interweb and maintain any semblance of credibility.

  • Andreas Johansson

    If it’s against the rules ( which it is) then of course it should be banned

  • Lord Lusos

    Why should FIA banned this system? They do the same in 2006 with Renault, why can’t the F1 teams use imagination to go fast? This isn’t GP2.

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