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Verstappen warned by FIA over his driving style

Verstappen warned by FIA over his driving style

Verstappen warned by FIA over his driving style

Formula 1 young sensation Max Verstappen has been given a ‘gentle warning’ by the Formula 1 governing body FIA over his unsafe driving style.

Max was severely criticised by his peers at Spa last weekend, held talks with FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting early on Friday morning at Monza ahead of practice for the Italian GP.

Verstappen’s driving attracted criticism at Spa-Francorchamps after he twice blocked Kimi Raikkonen under braking on the run to Les Combes. The first incident saw him push Raikkonen wide as he ran off the track himself and the second saw him move under braking to block the Ferrari.

“Charlie was keen to show him a replay of Spa,” Red Bull team boss Christian Horner told Sky Sports F1.

“It was a gentle warning to say ‘that”ll be a black and white flag’. [It was] a bit of a warning.”

“To be honest with you like any 18-year-old [the criticism] seems to be going in one ear and out the other,” added Horner.

“He really doesn’t care, he’s focused on his own job hes not intimidated by the surroundings he’s in and I think that’s what marks him out as a real talent and star of the future.”

Raikkonen said he thought the rules of engagement were already unambiguous: “I think it’s quite clear what they are and obviously sometimes you feel it’s not correct what happens on circuit but obviously I think the biggest problem is it’s not always the same. I think as drivers we always discussed it and it’s a bit up and down and I think that could be improved.

“Personally I have nothing against Max. He is doing a good job and he’s fast. It’s not a personal thing but certain things, at least in my feeling, were not correct if you have to slow down or brake under full speed. But those things are never-ending discussions, but let’s see what happens.”


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