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Jos Verstappen physically attacks own father Frans Verstappen



Jos Verstappen beats up own father - reports

Jos Verstappen beats up own father – reports

Max Verstappen’s famous father has reportedly had an eventful few days between the Hungarian and German grands prix.

De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper, reports that the former Benetton and Minardi driver physically attacked his own father, Max’s grandfather Frans Verstappen.

The report said the incident happened shortly after the Budapest race last Sunday, in Jos’ hometown of Montford, The Netherlands.

De Telegraaf said Frans Verstappen filed a complaint with the police.

Verstappen row - Frans Verstappen, Max  and Jos Verstappen

Verstappen row – Frans Verstappen, Max and Jos Verstappen

“We’ve seen before that Jos has loose hands but this was the limit,” Frans, showing multiple wounds and bruises on his body and head, is quoted as saying.

“Jos is very bad tempered,” he added.

Max and Jos’ manager Raymond Vermeulen said the incident was a “private matter”.

Later, Limburg broadcaster L1 reported that Frans had withdrawn the complaint because “it’s just a private matter between myself and Jos.

“I want to keep it between ourselves,” he added.


  • MetalQuintessence

    Well hothead he may be, but that doesn’t excuse him from stalking, pushing ppl of their chairs or cutting tires.

    That guy with the cracked skull probably doesn’t agree with your argument.

    Now I am one that always tend to rely on evidence and whether I like Jos or not is another matter, so I think it’s good to take it with a grain of salt for now. Tho that can go both it’s possible that Frans did reported it initially and withdrew it later. I believe that a newspaper, especially one of these cam be fabricating this, but I doubt the police would have any agenda to lie about it and if it happened they should be able to either confirm or deny it.

    But either way the fact that he evaded being jailed, doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything wrong, despite charges being withdrawn.

  • Martin Faber

    Jos is a hothead no discussion about that, but it’s the media who build up a one-side story.
    Jos was involved in several incidents, incidents who would have just gone by if he wasn’t a public figure, in all cases the charges where heavily exaggerated. The only conviction Jos got was for stalking, years and years ago.

    But it’s clealry understood if you don’t like the man there’s enought to throw at his head, a lot of that isn;t always based on the facts….

    From what we’ve heard on dutch radio from Jos’ dad is that they got in to a discussion post race and Jos pushed his father in to his chair… which tipped over. We don;t know the cause of this discussion, maybe Jos’dad is a hothead as well, but what Jos dad said speaks volume: ‘I didn’t talk to the police, I didn’t talk to the newspaper, that bloody newspaper makes up stories all the time ‘.

    In any case issues like this shouldn’t be on you path.

  • MetalQuintessence

    Which is totally acceptable as was popping her tires. 😛

  • Martin Faber

    To be eaxact, that was stalking, none of the other.

  • MetalQuintessence

    Him trying to strangle his ex-wife was also blown out of proportion?

  • MetalQuintessence

    Maybe he still hasn’t, but it’s interesting how long before he gets into a fight with him.

  • MetalQuintessence

    Was he ever? That’s news for me. 😉

  • Janjua

    What a humongous mad, ignorant, stupid, animal. Put him in Jail for Life and do to not associate he’s name with our F1.

  • Martin Faber

    Nobody wants to read this cause the stir is much more interesting for the crowd.
    Family dispute and the Telegraaf blows it all out of proportion… again!!
    Just like the last case where Jos received a settlement from the dutch state it’s all about publicity.

  • Michael

    Wonder how many times he pummeled his son?


    So he beats up women and old men…what a tool.

  • Wiesdom

    Not suprsied in the least Jos assualted hsi ex wife given 3month suspended then assulted a kart racer agai
    Settled outside court. Attempted murder on his ex Gf and physical assualt. Look it up if u dont beleive me. Jos is a thug if it was anyone else they will be in jail.

  • Michiel Bijlsma

    Frans Verstappen actually (and vehemently) stated that this was complete nonsense and libelous, in a live interview over the phone on Dutch national radio. He claimed never to’ve talked to the police and never to’ve received any phonecall from the Telegraaf newspaper to verify before they published.

  • telstar

    How ungrateful and without filial piety for a son to attack his own father, Jos Vertappen should be ashamed of himself. A bad example for his own son Max and hope Max won’t be influenced by this sort of shameful behaviour.

  • zke007

    Jail time for Jos

  • McSerb

    “I want to keep it between ourselves,” he added.

    Great job Frans ! You inform the police, the press and then you want to keep it between yourselves. Interesting strategy, or did Max and Jos’ manager Raymond Vermeulen find out too late to stop the publicity ? This is not a new page in Jos`s book and I hope Max repays daddy some day, he deserves it.

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