Esteban Gutierrez

Gutierrez calls Hamilton disrespectful

Gutierrez calls Hamilton disrespectful

Gutierrez calls Hamilton disrespectful

Haas F1 ace Esteban Gutierrez has called Lewis Hamilton disrespectful following receiving an abusive hand gesture from the triple time world champion during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The final stint of the race, race leader Hamilton got stuck behind Gutierrez for final some curves as he came up to lap the Haas driver, its allowing Nico Rosberg in second place to close the gap.

Finally Hamilton overtook Gutierrez at the top of the main straight he delivered what appeared to be a middle-finger salute to underline his frustration at being held up.

“Oh yeah?” Gutierrez said when he was told. “Not a very respectful move from him I have to say. I have spoken to him in the past, I think he is respectful, he is the world champion, but he shouldn’t do these kinds of things he should respect all of the competitors, you never know, maybe in the future I will be fighting a championship with him so he has to respect that.”

When Hamilton was asked to clarify whether it was the middle finger, he said: “I may have accidentally wanted to do that! I didn’t, it was just like [motions a frustrated wave].”

Gutierrez later received a five-second time penalty for ignoring blue flags, to which he responded:

“I didn’t ignore them! I simply had two aeroplanes coming from behind, coming very quickly!

“Of course, I was focused on my race, they came very quickly and I was trying to find the safest place to let them by.

“I’ve no comment on the penalty. As I say, I was aware of the blue flags, but I was really looking for the safest place to let them by.”

Gutierrez later tweeted his disappointment, adding: “Being a world champion doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful to your competitors, my friend.”


  • McSerb

    This only shows that the stewards let him off the hook too easy, with only a 5 second penalty. What did he have to lose, right ? Next time he should get a drive-through and then worse. He was focused on HIS race, he says. When you see the blue flags you no longer have the luxury of focusing on YOUR race, they were shown for a reason and it means GET OUT OF THE WAY (in simple English, maybe the Mexican has a problem understanding it). You can no longer drive so that YOU lose as little time as possible, you have to drive so that the OVERTAKING CAR loses as little time as possible. Now, if the stewards were consistent in applying the rules then this idiot who wants respect (but shows none) would not dare complain, Rosberg would not have kept pole position and Bianchi might still be alive. As Raikkonen said, the stewards need to be consistent and not make random decisions. Button got a much harsher (meaningless) penalty for a ridiculous reason, with no influence on anybody`s race, while this guy gets 5 seconds for potentially costing somebody a race win. I say ban the stewards for a race or two. They don`t really make a difference anyway. Not the way they have been doing their job lately.

  • Pervez Rumi

    to you to Gutierrez. You think you will fight for world championship against Lulu ! Ha Ha !

  • Chris Elsby

    Not moving aside in a timely fashion under blue flags, when it involves 2 cars dueling for a world championship, is about as disrespectful as you can get in my opinion

  • Shoki Kaneda

    Perhaps if young Gutierrez had paid more attention to blue flags he would not have seen a blue gesture.

  • MetalQuintessence

    Eventho I am not a Hamilton fan, in fact quite the opposite. xD
    I think Gutie overreacts a bit, he could’ve “looked for the safest spot” a little bit faster.

    But the whole race had a bit more serious concerns than whether or who got disrespected. Namely the lack of objectivity and equality in the stewards decisions this weekend, with the Versteppen breaking the rules and not even getting a warning. Or the 107% double standard.

    Wtf FIA?

  • 92gsr

    He’s a Brit so it was a V!

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