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2016 F1

Mercedes F1 tyre pressure trick revealed



Mercedes F1 tyre pressure trick revealed - Images credit Auto Motor und Sport

Mercedes F1 tyre pressure trick revealed – Images credit AMuS

A trick employed by Mercedes to counter Pirelli’s high mandatory tyre pressures has emerged.

Earlier, it was suspected that some top teams had found a clever way to reduce the high minimum tyre pressures once the car was up and running, thereby boosting laptimes.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport has now published photos of a sophisticated device attached to the four corners of its silver cars prior to the tyres being fitted on the Baku grid.

Reportedly, the device keeps ultra-high heats in the axle and brakes, so that when the Pirelli tyre is fitted, it artificially satisfies the minimum tyre pressure but then rapidly starts to lose that pressure once the car is on track.

Force India technical director Andy Green was quoted as saying a ban of such practices “would be a good thing. It just costs a lot of money.”


  • Pierre-Philippe Frenette

    After a long analysis of race video. I will admit Mercedes is cheating. The engine is injected with a new type of NOS gas. There is about 56 locations/parts were a container of gas can be hidden. This was donne with the fire extinguisher in the 1980 (cheating). It can be anywere going from a modifid suspension cylinder to various pressurized container. Prior to this excess of power (at least 1 second per lap = what we see… could me be more)… Mercedes was well know for its fuel efficiency. much better than all the other team. For more than 50 years Ferrari has worked on engine development, they still can not figure it. Electronic is not such a critical element to provide significant power. The only truth is the gas mixture that is amplified for more efficient
    output. Pierre-Philippe contact me for further details.

    Copy this email as Mercedes will claim is not true and ask the web manager to delete it.

  • gmk

    oh! bad me, thanks for update

  • Formulaman

    They heat the brakes as well as the wheel carraige and the rear axle to extreme temps. These parts except maybe the actual brake discs will always cool down and never reach those extreme temps even during the whole race. So the tyres will cool down and stay at that reduced temp and pressure the whole race. The live tyre pressure monitoring during the race cannot be used to check compliance with the pressure rule so they can have lower pressure during the race but still not get into trouble. They’re clearly circumventing a rule, whether you call that illegal or not is your call.

  • Formulaman

    The red knob is for temp which is set to max and the blue knob is for fan speed, not cold blow. What would be the point of blowing hot and cold air at the same time.

  • gmk

    The pic shows hot blow at level 3, but also the cold blow is at 10(max), i guess this device is not the trick used, but should be something else. Its probably making it warmer.

  • F1oz

    If that’s not cheating I don’t know what is! Artificially increasing the tyre pressure is not officially increasing the tyre pressure????………..I can’t believe this is allowed!!!!!!!

  • hornfan27

    well said

  • Roger Flerity

    Nothing illegal. As soon as they get on track and the brakes come up to temp, the pressure will be where it was when checked pre-race. Since pressures are monitored throughout the race, there is no way they can extend any advantage beyond that first start corner or two. This trick just avoids too-high pressure from setting the minimum pressure at a colder than normal operating condition on the first set of tires at the start of the race. Seems something everyone should do, assuming it is of any value. Good catch on Mercedes side.

  • dinoart

    The moment when others start to copy that, it will be banned, and I call that “fixed rules for one team to win”, like when Red Bull had flexible front wing, it was banned as soon as others discover it.

    Rule change in the middle of the season is always and always will be “fixed rules for one team to win”.

    Tire change in the middle of the season few years ago? Same thing.

    Now, let’s see will others have chance to copy that for one single race or it will be banned in next two days.

    And fixed tire pressure in first place was idiotic rule.

  • Red Bull and Ferrari using similar device, but Mercedes added a counterpart for the rear wheel (like a wheel cup).

  • longshot

    No, they’re bending the rules. That’s the very definition of innovation in F1, and until its explicitly banned there’s nothing stopping the other teams from copying them.

  • zke007

    Mercedes are cheating

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