2017 F1

2017 Formula 1 Car Design Unveiled

2017 F1 rules are expected to make the cars faster by creating higher levels of down-force, the powers that be said they wanted cars that are five seconds faster per lap, so the coming chassis’ are longer, wider, lower, and sleeker.

2017 F1 Car Design

2017 F1 Car Design © Giorgio Piola

The attractive part of F1 car – front nose that is almost eight inches bigger and a rear wing that is nearly six inches wider will bring about huge changes in behaviour. Also front wing will remain 180 centimetres wide, but be raked.

2017 F1 Car Design © Giorgio Piola

2017 F1 Car Design © Giorgio Piola

Other vital changes in tyre – It will be wider, and Pirelli says the rubber alone will be good for three seconds of that five seconds per lap.

2017 F1 Car Design © Giorgio Piola

2017 F1 Car Design © Giorgio Piola

It’s said the cars will add 100 pounds of down-force, 30% more than today, while suffering from only ten percent more drag.

2017 F1 Car Design © Giorgio Piola

2017 F1 Car Design © Giorgio Piola

Recently Ferrari technical director James Allison says the 2017 F1 regulations will produce cars that are more “beautiful” than the existing generation.

“Formula 1 teams focus completely on function over form and what it ends up looking like is just what it ends up looking like. However, all of us – or at least the vast majority of us – want our product to be beautiful and therefore we want regulations that inherently make the cars beautiful, so that when we set out to focus on function only, the regulations naturally produce beautiful cars. Allison said

“We’ve made a little bit of a step forward to get rid of the horrible looking noses of a couple of years ago and next year’s regulations are a very conscious effort to try to make the cars both unbelievably quick and also beautiful.

“The proportions of next year’s cars are very appealing. For those of us who are lucky enough to be seeing them as they get created, they look nice. I’m looking forward to seeing them racing.”

All Images © Giorgio Piola

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