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Vettel not taking bait after Hamilton comments

Ferrari F1 speedy, Sebastian Vettel not taking bait after Hamilton comments

Ferrari F1 speedy, Sebastian Vettel not taking bait after Hamilton comments

Sebastian Vettel has declined to hit back with fury at Lewis Hamilton’s recent jibe about his talent.

The new triple world champion recently said that because Vettel’s teammates Mark Webber and Kimi Raikkonen were and are not at their peak, “It’s difficult to assess how good he really is”.

When asked about Hamilton’s jibe, the German told Sonntagsblick newspaper: “I’m sure my teammates will be pleased to hear about that!

“I think in the end any comparison between drivers is always very difficult to do,” Vettel added.

Actually, while many critics earlier downplayed Vettel’s four world championships on the basis of Red Bull’s former dominance, the 28-year-old’s stock has undoubtedly risen during his strong first season at Ferrari.

“That is of course nice to hear,” Vettel said. “But what matters the most is that you are satisfied with your achievements yourself.

“On average, I am. The last year at Red Bull was not as bad as many made it out to be. For them (the critics), it is important that Vettel put on a different colour and returned to winning ways.”

What is clear, however, is that as Red Bull struggles to keep up with the might of Mercedes and Ferrari in the new ‘power unit’ era, the timing of Vettel’s move now appears inspired.

“In retrospect, you can say that. But at the time it was a leap into the unknown, as Red Bull was still the second strongest.

“But I think this year did not go well for them, so I can be happy with my decision,” he added.

Vettel was also asked by the Swiss newspaper how many times he has visited his mentor and friend Michael Schumacher since the F1 legend returned home to Switzerland.

“This is a very personal matter and nobody’s business,” the German insisted.

Indeed, Vettel is famously private, to the point that many of his fans do not even know his marital status or number of children.

“Never married, two children,” he admits.

“I think if you look up the word ‘private’ in the dictionary, you get a clear definition,” Vettel smiled. “Of course I can understand that today almost everyone reveals their private life, but my private life is mine.”

“This has nothing to do with arrogance,” argued Vettel.


  • Richard Piers

    How eloquently you explain what Hamilton didn’t say.


    SB knows that if you wrestle with a pig you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

  • McSerb

    Most people (except Vettel fans) would absolutely agree with LH on the subject. Nothing cheap about it. It might be IMPOLITE and not political enough but it is honest and quite probably correct, like it or not. Webber and Raikonnen took a beating just like Schumacher did from Rosberg. The difference ? Rosberg won nothing and Vettel has 4 WDC. Rosberg has been tested after beating up an old man, Vettel remains to be tested. That is roughly what Hamilton said.

  • WTkFox

    At least Vettel has grown up, not like LH. Someone needs a rejection to a contract renewal

  • Richard Piers

    Too many recent comments in similar vein for them all to be smoke. It’s not just me who finds it tiresome, is it ? Sad and unnecessary.

  • Will Hawkins

    Some journos ask a very well thought out train of questions that allow for things to be read out of context. As long as there are journos out there trying to meet goals and create stories out of nothing them we will get tripe like this to read.

    The story itself is well writen. Let’s work on the context

  • Richard Piers

    Speak English and French not German so can’t read the original. Always need to be aware when talking to journos how you may be misinterpreted. Many years ago a well known personality was asked how she avoided being misquoted. Her reply ” if you say nothing you cannot be misinterpreted”

  • zke007

    Funny, I didn’t really like Vettel to start with, but with time I’ve got to like him.

  • Gary

    a comment that was taken totally out of context, read the original German article in German rather than believing every little bit of shit written by part time internet journos with a axe to grind

  • Richard Piers

    Vettel handles it well, it was a cheap comment from LH.

  • Gary

    maybe because the original article was pure journalistic bullshit and stirring in the beginning


    As always, he once again chooses the high road…

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