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Hamilton hits back at Ron Dennis



Hamilton hits back at Ron Dennis

Hamilton hits back at Ron Dennis

World champion Lewis Hamilton says that, he does not need to make any changes to his private life despite attracting criticism from his former McLaren F1 team boss Ron Dennis.

Recently, Ron Dennis says that Lewis Hamilton “wouldn’t be allowed” to live his current lifestyle were he still at McLaren.

The Brit secured his third world title in US Grand Prix this year but has made no secret of his partying performance away from the race track this season.

This was never in sharper focus than at the Brazilian Grand Prix, when the Lewis arrived late subsequent to a fever and minor car crash in Monaco he put down to a week of heavy partying.

It prompted Dennis, who also explained his relationship with Hamilton to that of a “surrogate father”, to say: “If he was at McLaren he wouldn’t be behaving the way he is because he wouldn’t be allowed to… He’s shaking off some chains he didn’t want to have.”

“Firstly a man cannot be a surrogate father, can he? A woman is a surrogate mother. Isn’t that right?” Following the Abu Dhabi GP qualifying Hamilton was quoted as saying by AP.

“Why he was talking about me, I don’t know – probably because they don’t have too many other positive things to talk about.

“I am a three-time world champion. Who I am today is who I am, and I will behave this way regardless of who I was working for.

“I don’t feel like I behave wrongly. I don’t think it is a negative. It has obviously been a positive impact on my career so it is not me that needs to make any changes.”

Again Rosberg beat Hamilton in vibrant style to secure his sixth consecutive pole position for Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Hamilton secured pole at 11 of the opening 12 races, but has not started from the front of the pack since Italian Grand Prix.


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  • Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

    Haters gonna hate. Every F1 driver is brought into F1 by someone. Lewis got there on talent, Ron was lucky to find Lewis, not the other way around. Thank god Lewis left McLaren and got to show the world that for 3 years in a row he can beat the guy that beat Schumacher for 3 years in a row. Ron has seen his team decline from P1 to P9. But he still thinks his approach is right? Maybe Ron should learn from Lewis, how to have fun and be a winner. Then he might actually help McLaren succeed again in F1.

  • Michael

    I’m a Mercedes Benz AMG Petronas supporter through and through. Lewis has won the Drivers’ World Championship this year, a few races ago as you all know. I agree with both the former posters. Ok Lewis isn’t at McLaren any more but he wouldn’t be where he is now if it wasn’t for McLaren and Ron Dennis. The F1 season isn’t over until the last race Lewis. You can party as much as you want after the last race of the F1 season.

  • Hobosport

    Just playing devil’s advocate here, or maybe it’s more than that, but what exactly has Ron’s method gotten Mclaren lately? I don’t put the blame entirely on his shoulders, I know he wasn’t in the picture for quite some time. But that said the Ron’s method, Mclaren’s culture, hasn’t exactly produced much in the way of results lately either. Mercedes obviously know what they are doing when it comes to the racing side, and they give Lewis some room to be himself. Maybe they wouldn’t have a world champion driver if they didn’t. It’s unlikely Lewis would be less skilled if he was more contained, but maybe he would be racing for a different team… wait Lewis was at a team that ensured he was contained… he left them for Mercedes.

    And Lewis has won the title, I’m not going to say that the current races don’t matter, they do, but it seems a bit extreme to attack him when A: there is clearly something more going on technically and B: there is essentially nothing left for him to achieve this season.

    Ron brought Lewis into F1 and that deserves acknowledgement, but it does not give control over Lewis. Ron has done some shady shit over the years, and all you have to do is look at the way things are with Fernando. Ron has some weird Ronspeak going on where he is talking about Alonso taking the year off. Alonso has flat out denied it’s an option at the moment, and questioned what Ron is talking about. I’m not absolving Alonso of blame either he is certainly one to stir the pot, and Ron may even be right, but at the moment it looks Ron is the one up to some shenanigans. Alonso is one of the least shy drivers with it comes to finding ways to express his displeasure with a situation, team or individual, and yet it’s Ron who brings the idea of Alonso not racing next year out of the privacy of the team into the public?

    Oddly enough I’m not a big Lewis fan. But I’m also not a big fan of the F1 tradition of F1 drivers shutting down or remodeling their personal lives to suit F1 as a culture rather than F1 racing. We’ve seen this attention towards Lewis before, and not just for extreme behaviour. There was real pressure for years for him to leave Nicole because it was distracting him.

    Lewis may be partying hard now, but guess what he was partying hard all season. Doing a ton outside of F1. Maybe it keeps him in better spirits, maybe it doesn’t, but he won everything for the team this year that they could possibly win. What motivation does he have to act differently?

  • Lord Lusos

    Ron is 100% right, how many races you won after the winning the tittle? Too much party, too much 2nd places! And don’t be a idiot respect Ron, you are a F1 driver because of him!


    Ron is right Lewis you act like a nut.

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