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Hamilton maligns Vettel, Webber and Raikkonen

Hamilton criticize Vettel, Webber and Raikkonen

Hamilton criticize Vettel, Webber and Raikkonen

In one fell swoop, Lewis Hamilton has maligned three more F1 stars.

Recently, the new triple world champion had to hit reverse gear after suggesting F1 legend Michael Schumacher’s record seven titles were won with questionable tactics, while his own were the result of “my natural abilities only”.

Now, the increasingly controversial 30-year-old has made his latest verbal gaffe in conversation with the German magazine Sport Bild.

When asked about the quadruple world champion and likely 2016 title challenger Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton said: “I have a lot of respect for him, but it’s difficult to assess how good he really is.

“He’s never been in a team with someone like Fernando Alonso, but always with people like Mark Webber, who was not on his level, and Kimi Raikkonen, who is no longer at the peak of his performance,” the Briton added.

Before the Sport Bild interview, Hamilton’s former McLaren teammate Jenson Button warned the Mercedes driver about letting his recent success make him “arrogant”.

When asked about his arguably excessive confidence, Hamilton told Sport Bild: “I would not call it self-confidence, but extreme faith in myself.

“That is the key to success,” he argued.

“Before my debut in 2007, I knew it would be hard to beat Fernando, but I also knew that I could do it.

“I still remember before the first race, Ron Dennis said I shouldn’t be too disappointed if Alonso beats me really badly. But I knew that it wouldn’t happen,” added Hamilton. (GMM)


  • Deep

    If you’ve ever seen Eddie irvines interview on sky f1 he said is straight. Michael was rubbish at setting up a car, no clue at all. BUT you could give him a shopping trolley and he would win. That’s how good Schumacher was.


    Low blows by Lewis. His statements about all of the above were unnecessary and were made only to make his own accomplishments seem superior to those of others. I like Lewis and certainly appreciate his talents but at times, less is more.

    He is a racing car driver. His talent is driving cars fast. What he’s not is a judge of other people or their accomplishments and level of talent.


    Agree….always hearing Ricciardo fans referring to last year and while I agree he’s a very talented driver, he’s not exactly wiping the floor with Kvyat this year. Last year, Vettel was suffering greatly from burnout and was simply not up to the task posed by a very talented, hungry teammate. However, the logic that says Ricciardo is better than Vettel because of last year is the same as saying Kvyat is better than Ricciardo.

  • 92gsr

    Name me one title won by a car that never had an advantage over the field. With Lotus Grosjean was right there despite his trouble, so that car wasn’t nearly as bad as you are trying to make it out to be.

  • 92gsr

    Button and Alonso are close friends? Any proof? Because Alonso replaced Button at Renault way back in the the day and he was none too happy about it. Also Google image search had no results of those two together outside of Mclaren events.

  • dima-f1

    In 2008 year he had the car that was not dominating in the championship. On his career he had two teammates who has already won the championship and he has beat both of them. So, again, he has a right to his comments

  • Rob

    Please… Put Schumacher and Hamilton in the same car, especially wet weather. Schumacher every time. Not even in same league.

  • Cymraes

    Absolutely agree, the boys a pratt, every race I’d love to see him crash out!!

  • Gary

    Wow what a lovely bunch you lot are, now how fucking stupid are you, above story totally debunked as bullshit , assuming you knuckle dragging Neanderthals can actually look beyond the colour of someone’s skin and actually read the article this shite was drawn from says exactly the opposite, but I guess its easy to believe in everything you read now, like Santa and the fairy’s lol

  • jack tors

    Arrogant or not, he is right about how far Schumacher was willing to go to win. I have yet to see Hamilton park his car in the middle of the track to ruin others qualifying.

  • 92gsr

    Unless you are Ron Dennis what you said is pure armchair speculation.

  • mom93rsa

    The only thing missing from Hamilton is Don King promoting him and a fight with Sly in Philly. It would be very entertaining to see Max alongside him in equal cars after Max gets another year under his belt.

  • cameron coulson

    It started in November 2006 when testing the McLaren before Fernando had arrived. He already thought he was bad ass, because he was groomed for that ride for years.

  • Gaal

    Hammiton….. You are a jerk..!! Had it not been for you father, had no one knows who you are..!

  • Red_Baron1234

    Yep, but they (Alonso and Button) were not the favorites at Mclaren. Daddy’s little boy was. Alonso’s hot Spaniard blood got the better of him and upset the apple-cart and Button was just lucky he had the best car to get the championship that year, so Hamilton never had strong opposition to proof himself although I am not saying he is a bad driver.

  • Red_Baron1234

    Only later was Ferrari better. With money it is not to say they have the better car. Look where was Ferrari last year and the year before and even still now. Look how bad is Mclaren now with all the money. When Schumi won his first 2 maybe 3 championships at Ferrari, Ferrari was inferior to some the cars. Hamilton is a good driver but he has not yet proven he can take a bad car and won with it and when he was at Mclaren the favorite and had the better car.

  • dima-f1

    According to all comments, can somebody tell me what wrong in his words? All that he said is well known truth that hesitate to tell

  • ClarkGayble

    inferior cars … dude really get your facts straight. I will give you Benetton but please check the Ferrari budget and scales during his stint there. He drove a hole other sports machine in terms of mechanics and tech gadets compared tonthe rest of the field.

  • Tom E Zeus

    Button was right! Here’s the real test of skill….give everyone the same car, how about a Mercedes and see where everyone finishes. All the guys he’s bashing need to be in the same equipment period. Until that happens, it’s luck of the draw and Hamilton is very lucky right now.

  • Ayham A.

    #RondaRousy and her broken jaw come to mind. Hamilton is a symbol of what’s wrong today in life. The more of a jerk you are, the better your fortunes.

  • Ward Paterson

    This guy is a c0ck smoker

  • Hudson Wong

    about 8 years ago

  • F1 fan

    Since always… That’s why I hate that jerk

  • priesty

    So Daniel Ricciardo was not on Vettel’s level, even though he embarrassed him for a whole season. I think everyone already knows Hamilton is a wanker, so anything he says is irrelevant really. I really hope Honda find their feet next year & Alonso embarrasses Hamo, but sadly may take another season or two, too late for Alonso.

  • Rajesh Dodani

    I totally agree with you. Look at last year average mediocre driver like rosberg came close to beating him and even this year without couple of retirements for rosberg it would have been difficult.

  • Suomi A

    Can’t win without the radio. This year there was suppose to be no help on the radio unless it was an emergency…and yet all the way through this season the merc team.
    The worst part is that this is a nothing but a scam. Merc tells an increasingly pissed off Rosberg…Hamiltion must win this championship, we’ll tell you what races you can go for a win in…its been pretty self evidence since he cheated his way to his third cheated world championship…that now Rosberg is free to race to win and why he has won the last 3 races….reminds me of Massa at Williams, Bottas is far faster then Massa, but they won’t let them race, so Valtteri is not allowed to over take Massa…nothing to do with not being faster. In the end I wish mercs would piss off from this sport along with cheats like Hamilton and his white side kick wolff..this is not F1 the way it should be.

  • Paul

    About 25 years ago

  • Hudson Wong

    I can’t wait till he becomes a musician.

  • Martin Faber

    I saw a glimpse of the drivers parade previous to the race, all F1 drivers chating about on a flatbed truck…
    There was just one big yeallow MGP cap pointing above all in front of the truck…. it was Lewis who stood apart from all other drivers

  • Boyd McCollum

    Well, Webber in 2009 and 2010 was as good at Rosberg these past two years. It’s true Webber wasn’t on Vettel’s level, but the question really is, what level was Webber on? He really had one weakness as a driver – his starts.

    Hamilton is just rehashing “it was the car/Newey” meme all over again. Seems more driven by his own insecurities than anything else. It could also just mean he really sees Vettel as a threat next year and is starting the mind games early. But I doubt it’ll work. Vettel’s many things, but he does seem pretty focused on just trying to maximize what he can do and control. So I don’t think he’ll be tweaked one way or another.

  • Dave Domenicano

    What an arrogant prick!

  • 92gsr

    Alonso and Button were both world champions and his teammates. Duh.

  • Sakae

    It has not escape my attention that whilst his is a claim that he won his WDC(s) on his abilities only, in the same breath there was no credit given to the equipment designer. Stuttgart should re-think their relationship with this individual.

  • Sakae

    How many championships Hamilton won while either Vettel or Alonso were his teammates? A., none.
    How many championships Alonso won while either Vettel or Hamilton were his teammates? A., none.

    So, what’s with this defamation campaigns? First Schumacher, and now Vettel?

    During Sebastian’s tenure with RBR, period weren’t marred with moratoria on development, as it is now, which is effectively preventing people to recover from faulty designs. Then there was possibility to talk about opportunities, error recovery, and competitive parameters.

    The dirty truth however is, we never ever had a such restrictive period as last two seasons, with a system that handicapped teams, letting them stuck-in gear, yet this guy is self-promoting on basis of fair competition? In which, other than his, world is that? It says a lot about character of people who close eyes to that. People do, and will continue to make mistakes. That’s a beauty of pushing engineering boundaries, but there has to be also an opportunity to take shower, clean shirt, and have another go at it. We do not have it anymore, Not in terms comparable to yesteryears. Hamilton is in a bad spot, because situational facts are not on his side, when fairness is being discussed.

  • Red_Baron1234

    Is he talking about himself as well? When he was at Mclaren he was the favourite because he was daddy’s son and had then the best car and now again with Mercedes he has the best car. At least Schumacher won titles with inferior cars, both Benetton and Ferrari.

  • bobmendon

    The statement on it’s face is bullcrap. Who is challenging Lewis? Surly not his teammate.

  • Ricardo Ezquerro

    I must admit I like his driving style, I must admit he’s one of those very talented drivers we occasionally see, but it cannot also be denied that as Jenson Button stated, he’s become so arrogant, and some day everything comes back to you. He shouldn’t be lowering others to raise his head over the rest of the field. What’s his next target? Winning a fourth title and then say he’s greater than Ayrton? In your dreams Lewis. He’s quite far from being such a great driver and most of all, such a great and educated person

  • Jamie Huntoon

    Button was right his head is too big for his helmet.

  • 92gsr

    “He’s never been in a team with someone like Fernando Alonso, but always with people like Mark Webber, who was not on his level, and Kimi Raikkonen, who is no longer at the peak of his performance,”

    All true but let’s just twist this to make a catchy headline…

  • WhataMack

    When did Lewis become such an arrogant jerk?

  • Bill

    Take away the Mercheater Benz and Hamilton is just another driver.

  • limeyobserver

    He’s got a point. However, I think Vettel has done more than enough this season to dispel any doubts ( I had them but now know I should have known better) about his talent. I’m guessing Hamilton is just jazzing Vettel for a scrap next season.

  • Emídio Copeto Gomes

    All true. Whats wrong about saying the truth? Aren’t you people fed up with “political polite”?

  • GAF43

    At least the latest two titles have been won not by his abilities, but by the fact that Mercedes has had a huge advantage over the other engines in the field. And having a twirp for at teammate

  • Richard Piers

    He could do with reading Britain’s favourite poem “If” and having read to mark,learn and inwardly digest. As we are currently seeing he is far from unbeatable. These pronouncements demean himself and the sport. He’s currently behaving like a brat and losing many of his admirers.

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