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2017 F1 engine to be 2.5 litre twin-turbo V6

2017 F1 engine to be 2.5 litre twin-turbo V6

2017 F1 engine to be 2.5 litre twin-turbo V6

Details about the specification of F1’s alternative engine for 2017 have emerged.

Previously, it was believed independent outfits like Ilmor or Cosworth were being invited to bid to exclusively supply a 2.2 litre twin-turbo V6, with the regulations to run parallel to the existing 1.6 litre ‘power units’.

The specifications now say the new engine will be a 2.5 litre V6 or smaller, with one or two turbochargers producing “greater than” 870 horse power.

The engine will have no limits on revs, engine durability or fuel flow, freedom in the area of the exhaust and no hybrid power.

Mercedes, the double world champion team of 2014 and 2015, has made clear its dissent.

“I think many of us share the opinion that the ‘balance of performance engine’ does not work. It doesn’t work in any other category,” said team boss Toto Wolff.

“We hear about the aggravation in GT racing and it does my head in hearing these ideas,” he added.


  • Toto is spot-on about the impossibility of achieving parity, but that isn’t the real problem.

    F1 needs to replace the current technical rules, which are approaching Tax Act proportions, with these three simple rules:
    1. Chassis: free except for maximum overall dimensions, no aerofoils and a crash test.
    2. Engine: free except for a dynamic total energy consumption limit.
    3. Tyres: free except for intra-race replacements by one mechanic using manual tools (including the jack).

  • Boycottthebull


  • bobmendon

    I would like to see all the others including Merc and Ferrari opt for the new engine! It would be absolutely hilarious!

  • Andrew-W

    Was it Martin Brundle who said that if the new engine is shown to be giving superior performance then Mercedes could possibly throw all of their resource’s into building their own engine to the new spec’s!

    I cannot blàme Mercedes or Ferrari at all for their stance, after all it’s common sense that they don’t just hand over the advantage to their competitor’s by supplying them with the latest spec engine’s.

    All Renault and Honda need is the time to produce an equally good engine, the room for development for Mercedes and Ferrari reduces when the regulations stay the same. It’s well known that Mercedes started work on the new hybrid pu before anyone else and it’s been proven to be a wise decision.

  • zke007

    I guess Merc doesn’t like it when they don’t have a 2 year head start.

  • Derek Andrews

    Well Toto and Merc i hope it does your head in its because of you the FIA have gone down this route i hope we get some of the smaller teams using this engine and we get the sound and racing back into F1. Merc have to much control on who they supply there P/U software and fuel to no one will win a championship as long as Ferrari and Merc have so much control

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