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Hill frustrated after Mercedes decline to split strategies



Hill frustrated with Mercedes decline to split strategies

Hill frustrated with Mercedes decline to split strategies

Sky F1 pundit Damon Hill thinks that, Mercedes should have let Lewis Hamilton try another approach to uplift the fight at the front; World champion had asked for a different strategy during Brazilian GP.

During the mid-way of the race, following finding himself trapped behind team-mate Nico Rosberg and with his tyres starting to wear off, Hamilton asked his engineer to get him onto a different strategy.

“Can you get me on a different strategy somehow?” Lewis asked. “I’m faster but it’s impossible to overtake.”

But Mercedes refused to split from their plans of running identical strategies for both of their drivers. As such Rosberg and Hamilton pitted on three occasions – a lap apart – and a rather tepid race ensued.

However, 1996 F1 Champion Hill believes teams should be more flexible with their strategies and give drivers an option to “try something different”.

“I have some sympathy with what Lewis was saying, the drivers should be allowed to call the shots – and if he wants to try something different and basically zag when the other guy is zigging,” Hill told Sky Sports F1.

“If you go on the same strategy you are going to get the same situation. Going on a different strategy, something could have happened to Lewis’ opportunity. He could have got a better pit-stop, gained a little bit more time in traffic and made it a more interesting race.”

Hill also recommends Formula 1 needs to do something to make the sport more exciting.

“It is one of the inherent problems with our sport and how it is structured. The teams have a responsibility to their investors and the team and everything and they have to consider the big picture,” he added.

“But you at home are buying a ticket to watch and you want to see the drivers racing against each other so you have every right to say ‘well, I am not watching a race, am I? I want my money back.’ It is a fair enough point to want to see two guys, in the same team, free to race each other at will.”


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  • A41202813GMAIL

    No Bar Of Soap To Clean Your Mouth As An Infant ?

    GO, 44 !

  • SinophilinSpain

    Clearly Mercedes were not going to let Lewis beat Nico in Mexico or Brazil; they need booth drivers at the top of their game for 2016 and know Lewis Will always bounce back from defeat better than Nico can

  • SinophilinSpain

    Damon is right, let the drivers make the strategy calls. Life would get a lot garder for Nico.

  • SinophilinSpain

    Nico was not faster behind

  • GokhanK

    Don’t understand these people? Is it not the same Hamilton who won numerous races with the same problem against Rosberg? Why is it such a big issue now? Why did no body complaint when Rosberg was faster behind and they would not let him to change strategy?

  • ZeroZeroOne

    Mercedes to Lewis, “Grow some wings and fly passed” otherwise get with the program. Act like a Champion for the love of God.

  • What-Gives?

    Well Hill Speaks on the butt hurt side of English fellow! If Lewis don’t like it Alonso will go at Mercedes for free! He dying for a good car and this pos Lewis complains for the team that gave him 2 championships in a row! Ungrateful pos!!

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