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Lauda sides with Rosberg in Mercedes spat

Lauda sides with Rosberg in Mercedes spat

Lauda sides with Rosberg in Mercedes spat

Niki Lauda, the F1 legend and Mercedes team chairman, has sided with Nico Rosberg in the wake of his victory in Mexico.

Although the German dominated the race weekend and won from pole, teammate and new triple world champion Lewis Hamilton made his feelings clear after he was ordered in for a second pitstop against his wishes.

“I know the team has felt the need to be extra warm (towards Rosberg),” he said.

“You should ask Toto (Wolff) and Niki about how they feel about it. (About) what they have to do behind the scenes to keep him happy,” Hamilton added.

If that sounded like a claim that Rosberg was effectively gifted the win by Mercedes, particularly after their first-corner clash in Austin, Lauda rejected the theory.

“Nico was better (in Mexico),” he told Bild newspaper.

“It was a one-stop strategy (race), but when we looked at the tyres, and the gap to third place, it was logical to make a second stop.

“Whether the drivers like it or not is something else,” Lauda added.

Lauda said Rosberg hitting back with victory in Mexico, having thrown away the win in Austin and losing the world championship, was ideal.

“It’s good that this race was the other way around, so he gets his stability back and keeps on fighting.”

Indeed, Felipe Massa – who knows well what it is like to get into a downwards spiral at a top team – said it is crucial that Rosberg keeps hitting back now.

“I think in his case, the chance that the situation keeps getting worse for Rosberg is great,” the Brazilian told UOL Esporte.


  • Release The Beast

    Except you once called McNish a hack and a hasbeen who couldn’t quite cut it as an F1 driver when he had the gall to agree with the FIA that it was a racing incident and said this about Spa 2014:

    “In motor racing, there is a difference between deliberately hitting someone, and deliberately leaving your car in a position where it can be hit if someone does not alter their trajectory.

    Hamilton did have the option to give Rosberg more room – but he had no reason to, because he had won the corner. But that does not mean Rosberg could not justifiably do what he did.”

    Especially since you were adamant that Nico planned the whole thing and deliberately took Lewis out.

    But hey, what would Allan McNish know? He is only a 3 times LeMans winner and ex F1 driver.

    Fanboys, I tell you… only when it fits their agenda.

    Stop going into days old articles to troll someone. Lol. Poor Mr. Chapman. I shouldn’t feel sorry for him, he actually has F1 pedigree. He doesn’t need to pretend that he has an imaginary brother who works in f1.

    Stop posting already.

    I meant stop posting crap already.

  • Numero Fibonacci

    It was nice to hear Allan McNish on the BBC commentary for the Brazilian Gp being asked “How can you tell he is understeering?” That being about Button in FP3. McNish explained that you can’t see it obviously and it depends in the steering wheel angle and the rate of turn of the car. So like I said, you can’t easily see an F1 driver understeering. But hey, what would Allan McNish know? He only a 3 times LeMans winner and ex F1 driver. Don’t worry, I only posted this because it was so clearly proving my point about Lewis. Otherwise I would not have bothered posting anything. Please feel free to pass this information on to your F1blog mates.

  • Numero Fibonacci

    And you are a liar, a hater and a fool. You can go to my profile and see how long I didn’t post for. Months. More facts. Like I said, people like you hate me because I catch you talking BS. But it’s OK, I’m going back to not commenting. This is because pointing out the truth to people like you never helps. You don’t answer with facts, just hurl insults at me, which ironically makes you a distasteful insulting person.

  • Patrick Chapman

    You are the most distasteful insulting person that I have ever seen on the F1 forums. And for someone who doesn’t post you sure do write a lot.

  • Numero Fibonacci

    Like I said, no facts, and only insults to my facts. Which is why I don’t post on these forums any more. Too many ignorant liars who can’t handle when they are caught expressing their fact-less bias.

  • Patrick Chapman

    Wow, you just don’t know when to quit do you. And from me to you, No comment.

  • Numero Fibonacci

    Yeah, because Nico in the USA GP could not be defined by “The sulking and the snide childish remarks when things don’t go his way.” Oh wait. Nico was a furious 2nd place sore loser. Nice work genius. No need to respond. It’s 100% clear who you are. A hater who can’t even remember the actions of a driver in the race prior to this one. Nico threw his cap at Lewis, pouted all through the podium ceremony, insulted Lewis in the press conference, and even had to be dragged to the post race celebration photo. But according to you every other driver other than Lewis is happy to come second. Classic work.

  • Numero Fibonacci

    I thought your comments on the other article were from a Lewis hater. And here is the proof. Glad I said what I said on the other article. Nico has insulted Lewis many times this season. Also many drivers are not happy with 2nd place. Like Kimi for example. Or how about Nico throwing his cap back at Lewis and pouting on the podium. But Lewis is the bad guy. Wow. I had planned to not comment on these websites further but seeing this I had to give you one passing comment. Seems your pedigree in motor sport does not exclude you from choosing to hate a driver to the point of supporting made up stories against him.

  • Patrick Chapman

    @@disqus_TWMJJWE4AT:disqus Your comment sums it up very well and I think that you have hit the nail on the head in every aspect.

  • Boycottthebull

    They say that Lewis has matured more from his tantrums and sulks of old but thats just because he is winning more and has less to pout about. He is the better driver yet is a really bad looser. The sulking and the snide childish remarks when things dont go his way. Accusing Mercedes of pandering to Niko thats the pot calling the kettle. No ones ego needs to be stroked more in the team than Hamiltons. This was a team strategy call. They had the time in hand to play it safe and bring both drivers in for a tyre change and it worked fine. had Lewis of stayed out and won after Niko obeyed team orders to come in it would have resulted in the equivalent of Multi-21. I have never seen a driver so unhappy to get second, everyone else is thrilled. Not only that proceeds to demean the person who won. Not very professional.

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