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Only mistakes gives Rosberg a chance to win – Hamilton



Only mistakes gives Rosberg a chance to win - Hamilton

Only mistakes gives Rosberg a chance to win – Hamilton

His title chances are over, but Nico Rosberg seems determined to start his fight back against Lewis Hamilton immediately.

After the cap-hurling disappointment of Austin just a week ago, the German continued his run of pole positions in Mexico on Saturday.

But new triple world champion Hamilton sounded unperturbed, insisting that he is actually happy to be starting second for the long run down to turn 1.

“Actually it (second) is probably the best spot to start,” he said.

And the mind games continued with Hamilton suggesting that while Rosberg has clinched four poles on the trot, it is he who is going home with the biggest trophies.

“The races are the real meaning,” said the Briton. “When you finish your career, it’s the championships and the race wins that you’ve had (that matter), not the pole positions.”

And the harshest barb came in an interview with Bild am Sonntag newspaper, in which Hamilton suggested Rosberg only wins when he makes mistakes.

“Let’s just say that my greatest enemy is myself,” Hamilton said.

“I see it that someone else has a chance only when I make mistakes. So as long as I don’t beat myself, probably no one can take the title from me at the moment.”

It is clear that, after their first-corner clash in Austin and the cap-hurling incident that followed, the tension has returned to the silver-clad duel.

Asked if ‘anger’ was the missing ingredient before, Rosberg insisted after securing pole on Saturday: “Definitely not. It’s attack like always, no difference.”

Boss Toto Wolff, however, does not quite agree, admitting he thinks recent knocks have indeed fired up Rosberg.

But he doesn’t mind.

“Controversy and friction between teammates is what the fans want to see and it spurs us on as a team as well,” Wolff said. “I just don’t like it when it has a negative effect on the team.”

Indeed, Rosberg has hinted that, having been bullied by Hamilton in recent on-track battles, a change of approach from Mexico onwards might now be necessary.

Wolff is concerned that it might end with broken pieces of carbon fibre on Sunday.

“We have discussed this topic a lot,” he revealed. “The biggest rule still applies — do not put each other out of the race.”

Earlier, Wolff was critical of Hamilton’s behaviour at the start in Austin, but now he says Rosberg also played a significant role in the clash.

“The manoeuvre at the first corner in Austin was hard from both sides,” he said, “and I want to stress that we do not want to see more collisions like that.”

Waiting patiently behind them on the Mexico grid, meanwhile, is Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who joked to Rosberg and Hamilton after qualifying: “Can you make sure you take each other out so I can go through?”


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  • Scott

    Senna, yes.
    Schumacher, No

    Schumi was a great champion but you have to ask yourself how he came about a few of those titles.
    It is common knowledge that the Benetton cars he won 2 of them in were illegal but the FIA looked after their golden boy and bent the rules to allow it to happen. His Ferrari years were amazing, but those cars were also questionable in engineering and rules terms.
    Also, ask Damon Hill about what he thinks about one of those titles too!!

  • Vince Perillo

    LH will NEVER be a people’s champion like Senna was or Scumi the greatest ever…

  • Scott

    Hahaha, would be nice to have a bro like him!!
    LH has the right to be a little cocky, he has just won his second consecutive world title and is towelling the guy next to him with the same machinary. My point is NR just needs to accept he is not as good as Lewis, never will be, and should be grateful he has such a great car to follow Lewis around in and make his 100s of millions. These tantrums Nico is throwing and the permanent scowl on his face make him look like a spoilt brat who needs a slap across the face to wake up to himself. Unfortunately he actually IS a spoilt brat having had the upbringing he has had courtesy of his father and it is becoming quite obvious this year just how much of a sook he really is.
    Agree Senna was quite a humble and generous champion, but we must remember it was a different world back then in terms of publicity and public opinion, especially given how todays IT and social media operates and how every move the drivers make is caught on camera for the world to see. Even though Aryton was all the things you mentioned, Im sure he would probably be portrayed differently in todays world, similar to the way Lewis is.

  • peter

    Exactly the words Lewis used, Are you his brother???
    Nothing against healthy self-confidence, but Lewis sounded a bit too cocky.
    Humility makes the champion, not the big mouth.Look at his hero Senna. Never said too much, he has done his speaking on the track. His involvement in charity was a top secret, he just donated millions and had his mouth shut.
    A good example to follow.

  • Scott

    Nico is behaving like a petulant child because someone is better than him. This guy has had his entire life served on a silver platter and now that he cannot get his way he sulks like someone else is playing with his toys. Grow up Nico you sook and start accepting you are simply being beaten fair and square by a better driver

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