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Video: Vettel and Rosberg awkward post-race exchange

Video: Vettel and Rosberg awkward post-race exchange

Video: Vettel and Rosberg awkward post-race exchange

Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg clashed during the post-race press conference after the Japanese Grand Prix.

Pole sitter Rosberg beat Vettel to second position at Suzuka but appeared frustrated in the post-race press conference, At the final moment of the press conference a question was asked about the tyre pressures enforced by Pirelli and whether they were too high for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Rosberg replying: “No, not at all.

“Everything was perfect. No problems at all.”

In indication to the Italian Grand Prix – Hamilton’s win at Monza was only confirmed following a lengthy investigation into Mercedes’ tyre pressures on the grid ahead of the race, with one tyre on each car found to be below the minimum allowed.

Vettel then responded with: “Were you low again?”

With Rosberg turning to Vettel and asking: “What?” Vettel said: “I’m joking. You can laugh as well. It was a joke, come on.”

An awkward silence

“I’m smiling,” replied Rosberg, who was not smiling.

Lewis Hamilton then offered a more measured response.

“All I know is that the tyres were… we don’t say it very often but the tyres were pretty amazing, particularly in the last stint,” Hamilton said

“They were the best they’ve felt for a long time. They really felt really good but it must have been how it felt for him [Vettel] in the last race. Through qualifying, they were good but generally in the race it was getting better and better as the car gets lighter and stuff but I don’t think they were a problem this weekend.”


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