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Vettel ‘better than Schumacher says Arrivabene

Vettel 'better than Schumacher says Arrivabene

Vettel ‘better than Schumacher says Arrivabene

Sebastian Vettel is “better in some ways” even than F1’s most successful driver of all time.

That is the claim of Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene, who contrasted Germans Vettel and Schumacher – the long-time Ferrari driver and F1 legend – in the pages of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“Many said that Seb only wins because he has the best car and at times I thought so too,” Arrivabene said.

“Now that I work with him, I can say that, in some respects, he is even better than Michael.

“Especially his character, because Michael was an introvert who opened up to only a small group of people, while Seb is regarded by the guys as one of them.”

In other matters, on Tuesday, the new Ferrari-aligned team Haas will make a driver announcement for 2016.

It is expected that two men with Ferrari links will get the nod: Maranello’s official reserve Esteban Gutierrez, and Romain Grosjean, who might then stand a chance of stepping into a scarlet car for 2017.

“I don’t know,” Arrivabene insisted. “Haas did not inform us of their plans.

“Obviously if they were to ask us we would be ready to help them, perhaps creating a partnership similar to the one between Red Bull and Toro Rosso.”

And as Mercedes returned to its position of dominance in Japan with a one-two after the Singapore blip, Arrivabene played down Ferrari’s chances of winning the world championship this year.

“No. The arithmetic says yes, but Mercedes is still strong,” he said. (GMM)


  • Felipe Azar

    All valid comments! so the 2 best drivers on the grid are Hamilton and Alonso….end of discussion! bye now!

  • Jose

    I said Massa because I rate him higher than Barrichello. Both had 11 wins during their career.
    Go look at the other losers Schumacher went against. You’re funny mentioning Irvine. Irvine had 4 wins during his entire F1 career. Numbers don’t lie my friend.
    These are all 2nd rate lapdogs.
    Vettel is definitely emulating Schumacher. Just hope to get a fast car and never face a fast teammate. Why did Schumacher retire the first time? Because he didn’t want to face Kimi in his prime. Why is Vettel talking good about old/slow Kimi? He’s been spinning by himself and can’t even launch the Ferrari properly. That is the type of driver Vettel wants to go against. He could care less about all the constructor points Ferrari are throwing away.

  • Vince Perillo

    jose don’t embarrass yourself with dumbass comments….Vettel moving to Ferrari is the best move he could have done…RB ain’t doing shit,and if they go with Ferrari engines next year,then Vettel made the best move for his career…….He has 3 wins this year to RB 0 wins……And the fact you say Massa was Scumi’s most successful teammate is B.S. They were teammates for 1 year 2006,you forget Barichello or Ervine who almost won WDC for Ferrari in 1999,with Scumi as his teammate.

  • Jose

    About equal…both need number one status and 2nd rate teammates. Schumacher’s most successful teammate was Massa. Vettel’s most successful teammate was Webber.
    Vettel had a very quick teammate last year but he decided to run away so he doesn’t get embarrassed two years in a row.

  • Warham Pendrich

    Good solid points all.

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