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F1 legend Michael Schumacher weighs just 45 kg

F1 legend Michael Schumacher weighs just 45 kg

F1 legend Michael Schumacher weighs just 45 kg

The British news source Daily Express reported that, the seven-time world champion is still unable speak and walk, because of the lack of movement continues to lose weight. Now, with the growth of 174 cm Schumacher weighs only 45 kg, which is close to the critical point. The progress in his recovery is reportedly very slow.

On June 16 last year, Sabine Kehm, the seven-time champion’s manager, confirmed Schumacher had left hospital in Grenoble, France, nearly six months on from the skiing accident in the French Alps which almost killed him.

The German F1 legend was moved to a rehabilitation clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland, closer to the family home on the shore of Lake Geneva. He spent three months there before he left hospital to be at home with his wife, Corinna, children Mick and Gina-Maria, and a specialist team of nurses and doctors to help his recovery.

After a long period in a coma he woke up and started a recovery progression. Since his accident, he has lost 25 kilograms, which means he weighs just 45 kilograms at the moment.


  • Kill your self if you can’t stand it!

  • If this is true it’s almost cruel to keep him alive.
    I honestly can’t see progress going beyond this.

  • FAB

    What is the point of this article…other than to be ignorant!

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