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Lauda reveals Red Bull did not push hard for Merc engines



Lauda reveals Red Bull did not push hard for Mercedes engines

Lauda reveals Red Bull did not push hard for Mercedes engines

Red Bull Racing did not push hard for a supply of Mercedes F1 engines, the German team’s chairman and former triple-time world champion Niki Lauda reveals.

Obviously splitting with Renault, the energy drink-owned camp is now threatening to pull out of formula one because one alternative, Mercedes, is refusing to work with them and the other, Ferrari, is yet to sign on the dotted line.

But Lauda said the perception Mercedes was simply not willing to supply Red Bull is not quite true.

“I spoke once to Dietrich Mateschitz,” the great Austrian told German television Sky. “I even went there myself.

“He said ‘In principle, I would be interested’ but there was nothing else. That was two or three months ago,” revealed Lauda.

Instead, with Lotus set to switch from Mercedes to Renault, the German marque will fill up its customer roster for 2016 by inking a deal with Manor.

So Lauda said the matter of working with Red Bull is now a moot point, as Mercedes “has taken a fourth team and so we are full”.

Meanwhile, amid rumours Mercedes could help Lotus transition to Renault next year by collaborating with the French carmaker in the hybrid area, Lauda said he “does not exclude” that eventuality. (GMM)


  • Boycottthebull

    Lauda is either senile, an oblivious idiot or pathological liar? Only two days ago he was saying that Red Bell never approached them for engines and today he said they did ask but didnt press hard enough all in the same time frame that Toto says its gone to board level and decided not too and how their business model its to support smaller independent teams. It never would have gone went to board level if no one asked or mentioned it off handedly to Niki over brunch. They really need to silence this old duck or at least brief him with the facts so that when they give interviews they roughly sound like they are on the same page. This seems to happen with just about ever topic when you compare Laudas interviews to Totos.

  • Shane Phillips

    Yes, but the thing was, the F1 project is controlled by different people to their other projects, the people in charge of the F1 project might have initially wanted to supply the engines, but the people in charge of the company vetoed the move.

    Mercedes have done nothing to hold the other engine suppliers back. Ferrari are basically on level terms with them now, Renault have just made no progress, and Honda were pushed into joining the sport a year too early. The teams then get another 25 tokens for next season to improve their engines even more. This was a rule agreed by all engine suppliers and all teams, and changing it and allowing unrestricted engine development would launch the sport into an all out spending war, which wouldn’t be a good move.

  • stvsxm

    exactly. nor did they say ” no matter WHAT Renault does , we aren’t going to do a red bull deal” which would have been the honest thing to do because that was their intention all along. . I have great respect and admiration for what merc has done technically but I have equally exactly ZERO respect for the way they have done everything they could do to hold the other manufacturers back from improving their product. that is fundamentally dishonest . if merc is as good as they say they are ( and there is no question they have done a great job ) why are they being such slimeballs and so afraid to allow the rules to be changed so that other manufacturers can continue to work ? I have great respect for what they have done with the hardware but I have zero respect for them as far as the honesty of their approach . it makes them look weak and too scared to allow an honest fight amongst the manufacturers.

  • grimreaper

    good serves them right, they way they kicked renault to kerb showed their true colours. how quick they forget that the won 4 titles on the trot with a renault powered car

  • Shane Phillips

    Actually, Merc were abundantly clear about their position from the start, they told RBR that they wouldn’t do deals with them until their contract with Renault was resolved. The rumours are that their board was against it because of the way that RBR treated Renault, and that would be understandable, but at no point did they actually definitively say “we will give RBR engines”.

  • stvsxm

    I find this disingenuous from lauda which is unusual. if merc were willing to do a deal w/ red bull then all they had to do is say so directly but instead it was the same thing they did when trying to relax the rules…. ” yes , well no, well maybe yes… no wait no … no wait we mean yes…” and they stalled long enough to make it impossible to do which was their strategy all along. red bull was not going to play that game nor did they have to. they knew full well and in absolute terms that merc would never supply them so after they started the ” hat dance ” game they just wrote them off… why waste the time and energy on a foregone conclusion ?

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