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Audi AG board gives green light to enter F1 with Red Bull



Audi AG board gives green light to enter F1 with Red Bull

Audi AG board gives green light to enter F1 with Red Bull

Audi AG board has given the green light to formula one, the German publication Audi Bild claimed exclusively on Monday.

Actually, the latest rumours about the Volkswagen Group putting together a F1 foray for one of its brands was broken at the weekend by Eddie Jordan, the former F1 team owner who as British television pundit now regularly breaks major stories.

“Sometimes Eddie is wrong,” smiled Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, according to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

Horner had been asked about Jordan’s prediction because Red Bull is currently without an engine supplier for the future, having split behind the scenes with Renault.

Auto Bild claims that, minus “only a few signatures”, the Audi board has made the decision to enter F1 in 2018, collaborating with Red Bull as sponsor and pulling out of Le Mans and DTM.

“For me, nothing has changed,” Audi’s racing chief Dr Wolfgang Ullrich is quoted as saying.

The latest news follows hot on the heels of Red Bull’s renewed threat to quit F1, insisting that with Mercedes not willing and Ferrari not yet agreeing to supply an engine, it could be left without horse power.

Horner said: “The fact that we currently have only two strong engine manufacturers is unhealthy for formula one. With the V8s, we had three or four engines that were able to win.

“It is important for F1 that there are several competitive engine suppliers.” (GMM)


  • MetalQuintessence

    Horner is correct about the engine war tho.
    It’s really stupid to have the rules that tight which is only good for Mercedes atm.

    It’s not good for the sport or for the hybrid development either.
    How do you do tech advancements without any significant development?

  • RFF1T

    In stock market they already lost that, they need to pay the penalty and recall the cars.

  • mikey234

    When VW hired Domenicali a couple years ago you had to know they were getting serious about at least the possibility. Then when Domenicalli started hiring top notch people it started looking more and more likely just not when, now we have a time table.

  • mikey234

    They will probably settle for much less depending on how much it costs to actually fix the cars. Even the US doesn’t want VW saying ‘seeya’ and calling it quits because they lost too much money. Yes the fine will be large, but so might the costs to fix the problem, maybe between them the 16 to 20 billion number might be reached.

  • What-Gives?

    They lost 14 billions in stock value today!

  • Bob Clarke

    Based on Audi’s incredible success in rally and sports cars, one would think Audi’s stock holders would be happier. And don’t you think RB feels a little foolish right now – all dressed up and no engine to get them there? Congratulations to Renault! Lotus will no doubt appreciate the debt-relief you bring to the table…

  • RFF1T

    They already start lost on stock market today.

  • RFF1T

    They already lost€ on stock market today!

  • maserati123

    I hope this true,and that they have money left after paying that hefty fine

  • Xavier Daoust

    Button was never linked to a ferrari seat it ws Bottas!

  • MrBlubz

    This cant happen! I have years invested in ignoring the “Audi is getting into F1” storyline the F1 press seems to like so much. How could I have been so wrong? Perhaps this is balanced out by the lose of the ever present “Button is going to Ferrari story”.

  • MrBlubz

    It always start as a high number which then gets negotiated down to a little number.

  • stammer

    I doubt this is accurate and that £16bn fine in the US will have shareholders up in arms. I just don’t see it. I can see F1 going to pot very shortly.

  • RFF1T

    How can Audi enter in Formula 1 if the VW Group have to pay 16.500.000.000€ to the US authorities? With slow sales in China and a very slow sales now in the US?!

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