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2016 F1

Wolff confirms Manor-Mercedes F1 engine deal talks



Toto Wolff confirms Manor-Mercedes F1 engine deal

Toto Wolff confirms Manor-Mercedes F1 engine deal

2016 Formula 1 season shaping up – Renault will purchase Lotus F1 team; this would mean that champions’ Mercedes could consequently power another F1 team on the grid.

Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff confirmed that they are in talks to provide Manor Marussia with race engines.

Manor-Marussia have been using 2014 Ferrari engine, freshly they plans to switch top power unit, who already have Williams, Force India and Lotus using the German power units.

“On the engine, we had some discussions and they’re interested in exploring the competitive environment. Wolff told Autosport

“They have a Ferrari engine today but it’s a young team and a new team and they need to meet with all engine suppliers and make the best deal for yourself. This is why we’ve been talking to them.

“Now it’s about looking at the market overall and the other teams, but we are not under pressure. We need to find the right seat for him.”

This deal also hints that, Mercedes reserve driver Pascal Wehrlein could take one of their seats next season as part of an engine contract.

“Manor would be basically the experimental and junior team of the Silver Arrows,” said Bild newspaper.

“They would accommodate there the DTM driver and current F1 reserve driver Pascal Wehrlein,” the German report added.


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  • Wiesdom

    Lewis in 2009 started the season with a slower car than Alonso and was beating him ll the time. Myth bused!!

  • Wiesdom

    Lewis best Alonso when he was a rookie. Stop your ALonso worshipping. Alonso you say was dragging dogs to the front. Why is he not dragging the McLaren in front of Sauber or Toro Rosso? myth bused. He is not beating Button by any stretch they are even 50/50. Vettel is destroying Kimi far more than Alonso did. And dont forget Vettel is new in the team while ALonso was already with Ferrari 4 years and had the team 100% giving him preferntial treatment when Kimi came back.

    Vettel > Alonso
    Lewis > Alonso (already destroyed him as rookie)
    Ricardo > Alonso

  • AlexTamayo

    Wow, you truly are an idiot. But hey, if you’re happy deceiving yourself, by all mean, keep on doing that. I guess the sky is green and the earth is flat in your head too.

  • MetalQuintessence

    Well not me, but Berger has.

  • Janjua

    Ok, so you went there and saw that the Renault Factory is obsolete?!. Obviously they are struggling magnificently, but they are also trying to improve so they could also improve next year.

  • Janjua

    Not True. Because Vettel’s current 2015 Ferrari SF15T is far better than Alonso’s 2013 and 2014 Ferrari’s. It’s not all about qualifying it is more about the race. No one has managed to do what Alonso managed to do in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014 which was taking disastrous cars to unbelievable positions and constantly annihilating all teammates. Vettel is no doubt a great driver, that I respect much more than Hamilton and he is better than Hamilton but he is not quite at Alonso level. Come on wake up, no one with actual F1 know how will say that Lewis, Vettel and Ricciardo are better than Alonso. You must be disillusioned.

  • Wiesdom

    He is the best driver? He is just managing to stay ahead of jenson. In qualifying its Alonso 6 Jenson 5.

    Vettel is domination Kimi in a much bigger way than ALonso did last year. And lets not forget Vettel is new in the team. Alonso never got past 5th place in qualifying in the last 2 years. Vettel has managed to not only make the front row even racing against the might Mercedes but also Alonso could make the front row uin the last 2 years at Ferrari. No better than 5th and people hailed him saying he will be missed at Ferrari lol!


    I will put Alonso behind Lewis, Vettel and Riccardo.

  • AlexTamayo

    You people are hilarious, or really stupid, I think more the latter. Fernando is in one of the slowest cars on the grid, he didn’t magically turned slow. I’m sure that if you put Vettel and Hamilton in the same car they wouldn’t be fairing any better.

    Fernando and Jenson are doing everything they can with the piece of rubbish they’re driving.

  • Wiesdom

    And whats wrong in what Merc are doing? Do you for a second think RB were happy to help their compeition when they dominated for 4 years. The Merc critics make me laugh!! This is about winning not helping. Merc the WDC/WCC winners got less money than Ferrari and RB (Both teams who backstabbed the others and cut a secret deal with Bernie) Merc are doing the righht thing. If RB or Bernie want them to help them better give them more money than RB simple!!

  • Janjua

    No matter what you can not diminish, mock or decrease Alonso’s great driving ability. He is 100% no argument the best driver out of the current crop.

  • MetalQuintessence

    Renault’s factory is obsolete more or less, I doubt they can do any catch up unless they drive a major upgrade there.

    Ferrari looks most likely to be the first to level with Mercedes.

    Honda can do anything from complete failure to big progress for next year, tho atm they look quite unstable however until we start the next season anything is possible even if it looks unlikely.

  • Derek Andrews

    Merc did not want any competition so would not supply Red Bull power units but they dont mind supplying Manor as they know they will not be a worry to them bad for F1 they will more than likely dominate all next year looking at the power of Hammys car last race hope Ferrari or Renault get there p/u working better

  • Wiesdom

    Now they willl start beating McLaren. Oh poor Alonslow

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