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Honda 25 BHP ahead of Renault – Arai



Honda 25 BHP ahead of Renault - Arai

Honda 25 BHP ahead of Renault – Yasuhisa Arai (Image © McLaren-Honda)

Honda’s Motorsport chief Yasuhisa Arai has unexpectedly claimed that the Honda power is 25 BHP (18.6 kW) better than French manufacturer, Renault power unit.

After yet another disastrous Belgian Grand Prix for the Honda powered McLaren, the Japanese based F1 power supplier aims on matching the Ferrari power unit by the end of the season.

The next F1 race Monza, McLaren do not expect to be particularly competitive, as the circuit characteristics is completely opposite of the strengths of the Honda powered McLaren. McLaren driver, Fernando Alonso expects a ‘painful’ weekend at Monza. While McLaren are confident that their pace deficit they will encounter in Monza will just be a one off.

The team are confident the round after Monza, which is Singapore could be the team’s best season, as the circuit characteristics suits the Honda, McLaren partnership. Jenson Button has said he expects an ‘A Game’ at Singapore.

Earlier this week, Jenson Button called off McLaren’s target of a podium, and admitted due to the struggles of the team, they are just aiming to bag in some good points.

Here is what Yasuhisa Arai said:

“Our engine is a little bit behind Ferrari but much better than the Renault team. Mercedes are still so far away.

“But I have confidence that the second half of the season, we will try hard to catch the top two teams.”

“It may be that it will be difficult to catch the top teams as they have good reliability and good combustion characteristics.

“But I want to be close to the top teams by the end of the season.”

“The package is very tiny, so of course we would like to make it bigger, but compact is better,”

“This is where we are struggling, because of the size.”


  • Edgardo Melendez

    Is Arai throwing McLaren under the bus with these comments? This doesn’t appear to be a coordinated communication effort between these two.

  • The truth is we as fans have very little data on the overall picture. All we see is the results as they are. They’ve been hinting alot that the issue is with energy recovery. McLaren loaned Honda “IT resources” recently and given that McLaren outright said that there in house software team designed much the energy recovery software for the engine this helps paint the larger picture. Specifically the MGU-H isn’t generating enough electrical energy on the straights to power the MGU-K. Which would make sense, the TOTAL HP of the engine could then be comparable to the Ferrari engine but if the issue is with the MGU-H then you wouldn’t get 100% of the MGU-K on the straights where it counts.

    Essentially the engine can’t deliver it’s 100% frequently enough and on circuits like Spa and Monza where the throttle is full most of the lap this issue is very noticeable.
    HOWEVER it’s important to point out that Honda had a 15km/h deficit in the straights at Spa compared to 25km/h earlier in the year, so there is a noticeable improvement overall.
    The issue could be that the MGU-H or Turbo are too small. Or if the Turbo is Axial as opposed to Centrifugal as many have suggested (many due to the compact size and unique exhaust noise) then it may have a higher running RPM than the other engines which may not translate well into torque for electrical input on the MGU-H. Which may not be something they can fix with the tokens available or in the time span given. They’ve already stated there will be a new MGU-H model on next years engine.
    Also the combustion characteristics may not have been generating optimal hot exhaust for the Turbo to spin up.
    But Fact is I’m speculating and we won’t know the exact issue until Honda straight out says it.

  • Robert Rick

    He must be talking about the combustion engine and not the whole powertrain?

  • Lord Yllsacky

    ERS collection and deployment also seems to be an issue judging by how they performed at Spa.

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