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Grosjean: Sergio Perez apologised

Grosjean - Sergio Perez apologised
Lotus speedy Romain Grosjean revealed, Force India’s Sergio Perez apologised to him following their collision in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Perez, despite initially calling Grosjean’s pass at Sepang ‘risky’, consequently apologised to the Lotus driver.

The duo was collided at the Malaysian GP as Grosjean tried to pull off an outside-line overtake.
The collision was resulted Grosjean’s E23 into a high-speed spin, and 10-second penalty for Perez.

“Sergio came to see me and just apologised. Grosjean revealed during Thursday’s press conference in China.

“Well, I think, to be fair, it wasn’t really… with Sergio. During the race, it was a good move on the outside of the high speed corner. He took a risk and he came out of the way… ended up.” He added

“He had no more tyres at that point of the race and he just went a bit wide. I think that was… Yeah, he got a penalty. He didn’t bring back by flat tyres of my spin the time lost but I think you just need to be careful in the high speed corners, not to get wheels in between other wheels.”


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