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Coulthard apologises for Indian flag goof-up in Hyderabad F1 show

Red Bull F1 Show Run India 2015
F1 veteran David Coulthard and Lithuanian stunt-rider Aras Gibieza participated in a Red Bull F1 show in Hyderabad, India on Sunday. He had to issue an apologise after India’s tri-colour fell on the ground near his feet while he was trying to put it inside a car.

The incident happened when Coulthard apparently failed to keep the flag properly on the front seat of a car designated to take him around the crowd.

Noting that the flag lay on the ground, a crew member rushed and handed it back to Coulthard, who then sat on the window of the car and started waving it to the crowd as the vehicle moved around after the event.

David Coulthard offered apology after a photographer later showed him the snaps of the fallen flag after the event. “I must apologise for dropping the flag. From my point of view we don’t have this tradition or rule in our country. So, I would never disrespect the country and I would never disrespect the flag,” he said.

“So, I hope you understand that I can only act as to what is normal for me and according to the rules in my country. I am really sorry, I cannot know the rules of every country so apologies to your nation. I have tremendous respect for India and respect for the flag and the people,” Coulthard, the 13-time Grand Prix winner told reporters. A spokesperson also said it was unintentional on his part.

Driving a Red Bull F1 car on the Tank Bund Road and twice around the Hussain Sagar lake, Coulthard reached a top speed of 282 kms per hour.


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