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2015 F1

F1 2015 Australian GP Team Radio messages



2015-F1-Team-Radio-Communication-messagesMercedes duo opened the F1 2015 season with an unsurprising 1-2 on Sunday, as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel finished a distant third at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne.

A sequence of pre-race incidents meant only 15 cars started the race, and only 11 finished, with Jenson Button last in the McLaren-Honda.

Below added transmit radio communication from the Australian Grand Prix, we can’t understood some radio, especially Spanish-English and Italian-English. Also here avoided few messages due to sound transmission error.

Pre-start - 15:42Mercedes to Both drivers

Radio check for NR6 as he jumps into the car. LH44 is over there, too. Nearly ready to go!.

"Oil appears to down at Turns 3, 4 and 5 on the racing line" - a consequence of Magnussen's stoppage. Could be slippery on the opening lap!

Pre-start - 15:42Hamilton to Mercedes

The last note is pretty good, massive control of the marks.

Pre-start - 15:42Magnuseen retired on the formation lap

Lotus to Romain

Okay Romain, so for your information, McLaren (Magnuseen) blown-up the engine turn 7, so is Yello turn 7, and there might be oil on the track, So turn 6 and 7 Yello

Pre-start - 15:42Daniil Kvyat has been off track on his way to the grid and has now parked his Red Bull.

Red Bull to Kvyat

Pit this lap, Pit this lap, Pit-confirmed, Gear box is gone, Nico is under engaged

Kvyat to Red Bull

Gearbox is gone, Gearbox is gone, I'm in the gravel, I'm in the gravel, i try to get back to the box, i try to get back to the box

Red Bull to Kvyat

Okay Danii, coming up the mode one. please, try to limbo

Kvyat to Red Bull

Some wrong in the Braking, now the Gearbox come-back

Red Bull to Kvyat

Okay Danii, Please go direct to the grid, please we check over the car on the grid, stay on direct to the grid.
Pre-start - 15:42Kvyat retired on the formation lap

Toro Rosso to Kvyat

Do not use fifth gear Danii

Kvyat to Toro Rosso

I'm stuck, I'm stuck

Red Bull to Kvyat

Pull the clutch and up-shift, Push the clutch and up-shift

Kvyat to Red Bull

Nothing is happening, aahhhhh, i'm in turn 15 i have to stop

Red Bull to Kvyat

Standby Danii, release the clutch

Kvyat to Red Bull

Nothing i'm in neutral

Red Bull to Kvyat

Okay Standby release the clutch, the re-pulling and try to option

Kvyat to Red Bull

Still nothing, Still nothing, come on guys lets do something

Red Bull to Kvyat

You can't drive Danii?

Kvyat to Red Bull

No, i'm stuck, i'm stuck

Red Bull to Kvyat

Can you down-shift Danii

Kvyat to Red Bull

I get some response from Engine, but doesn't work, that's it, engine is dead

Pre-start - 15:52Toro Rosso to Carlos Sainz

Okay, we have typical over-steer under break of low and medium speed. Into high-speed car is well balance.
Pre-start - 16:00McLaren to Jenson Button

Jenson, bit tyre information for you, Ericsson and Perez stay on prime
Pre-start - 16:00Massa to Williams

Just a question, is a car here, so the Valtteri base stays empty [unclear], somebodies there right

Williams to Massa

Pre-start - 16:00Hamilton to Mercedes

Nico is under engaged

Mercedes to Hamilton

Keep the revs up, Keep the revs up - 7000 - to we need work brakes bit more
L1Consequence of Magnussen's formation-lap stoppage

Rosberg to Mercedes

There is no oil
L2Maldonado to Lotus

Someone crashed me

Lotus to Maldonado

Okay pastor you got hit from behind, p zero, p zero please
L2Ricciardo to Red Bull

just drivability, under high-speed massive understeer

Red Bull to Ricciardo

Okay, understood
L2Grosjean to Lotus

Theere is no power on guys, anything i can do?

Lotus to Grosjean

We are trying to look Roma, We are trying to look, try to loose low gear on the high revs, Okay Romain box box box, boc this lap, we are retiring, sorry about that
L3Mercedes to Rosberg

Caution - the pressures are dropping Nico, so we do need to trying get some temp into the tyres
L3Force India to Hulkenberg

Safety Car will be end this lap, SC in this lap, so still work tyre temp and brake temp. Brakes looking good now, please tyres ready now
L4McLaren to Jenson Button

updates - condtion is still fare - tyres are quick element - ready for restart

Button to McLaren

L7McLaren to Jenson Button

Jenson, This level of fuel savings looks good, This level of fuel savings looks good
L7Toro Rosso to Max Verstappen

Max, We can close the gap group ahead
L9Mercedes to Rosberg

Nico, fuel situation is improved level -1
L9Toro Rosso to Carlos

Hey, Carlos position is still good, still good, are you okay with the car?

Carlos to Toro Rosso

Yes Yes
L10Force India to Hulkenberg

stand get co Ericsson by behind took .8 of this lap
L10Driver Audio Clip - Nico Rosberg

L11Williams to Massa

Okay, Felipe this is very good just funny good rhythm now, and we are still on PLAN A, and target lap
L11Button to McLaren

I'm struggling with under rotation under braking

McLaren to Button

Jenson blue B7, blue B7
L13Sauber to Nasr

How are the tyres, gap 2 Ricciardo behind thi nine tenth... get an another 10sec picking on DRS.
L14Driver Audio Clip - Max Verstappen

L16McLaren to Button

Jenson is the car okay, car okay

Button to McLaren

Okay, Okay

McLaren to Button

There are only 13 cars in this race and the points available in finishing

Button to McLaren

Yea "Roger"
L16Ferrari to Vettel

possible debris at turn 3, possible debris, watch-out debris turn 3, you are doing well, keep pushing

L16Driver Audio Clip - Nico Hulkenberg

L18Button to McLaren

Struggling with the rear, Struggling with the rear

L18Rosberg to Mercedes

I'm touch the wall on the end at turn 11, check everyting

Mercedes to Rosberg

Copy copy
L18Toro Rosso to Carlos

Hey Carlos, good job, good job. keep going

L19Driver Audio Clip - Daniel Ricciardo

L21Massa to Williams

Degradation on the front-left,

Williams to Massa

Okay Felipe, understood, looking two target laps, we are going to target
L21Williams to Massa

Okay Felipe, lets push now, really hard push now
L23Force India to Hulenberg

Pit this lap, pit this lap, pit confirmed
L24Sauber to Ericsson

Copy that, stay out push push push, Hulkenberg on prime Hulkenberg on prime, so push
L24Massa told over the radio that he needs to pass Ricciardo in order to stay ahead of Vettel.

Williams to Massa

Okay Felipe, we need pass Ricciardo, need everything we can, this is could be very tight with Vettel, tight with Vettel
L25Driver Audio Clip - Jenson Button

L27Ferrari to Vettel

Is looking good, you are 16 sec behind race leader
L28Button to McLaren

Tyre goes

McLaren to Button

Understood Jenson, Understood Okay Jenson, Okay push tyre , push the tyre now

Button to McLaren

box this lap, box this lap

L29Ferrari to Kimi

Okay really good job Kimi, last fastest of the race so far, its exactly we need
L31Red Bull to Ricciardo

How are the tyres? How are the tyres?

Ricciardo to Red Bull

Very same like previous stint.
L33Hamilton is informed on the radio that he matched Rosberg on that lap Mercedes to Hamilton

The same lap time Nico's last lap
L36"I have smoke in the car!" Verstappen shouts over the radio

Toro Rosso to Verstappen

Stop the car, Stop the car, Stop the car on track
L41Kimi Raikkonen's stop suggest that the left rear tyre was not fitted properly. He's parked his car just after Turn 3

Kimi to Ferrari

Something broken

Ferrari to Kimi

Okay stop the car Kimi, stop the car find the safe place to pull off

Kimi to Ferrari

Did you leave the wheel loose?

Ferrari to Kimi

Unfortunitly wheel was not tight, i'm sorry Kimi

L44Mercedes to Rosberg

Nico confirmation you

Rosberg to Mercedes

Tyre feeling better good
L46Driver Audio Clip - Sebastian Vettel

L52Williams to Massa

Felipe you did a great, job, Vettel in, under in laps to go, nine more laps
L54Driver Audio Clip - Lewis Hamilton

L55Hamilton to Mercedes

I'm okay with fuel

Mercedes to Hamilton

Confirm, Okay you are okay
L57Ericsson charges down the inside of Sainz to snatch eighth place.

Post Race – Radio

Driver Audio Clip – Lewis Hamilton

Driver Audio Clip – Nico Rosberg

Driver Audio Clip – Sebastian Vettel

“Forza Ferrari!” calls Vettel over the radio.

Driver Audio Clip – Felipe Massa

Driver Audio Clip – Felipe Nasr

Driver Audio Clip – Nico Hulkenberg


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