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F1 fans are not interested to watch fuel economy races – Andretti

Last season every car completes a F1 race on just 100kg of fuel, F1 writer Edd Straw added in Autosport column. Also his article claims that this was an “incredible feat” in F1, and proves that the World renown racing series remains on the leading edge of technological development.

But, Mario Andretti, 1978 Formula 1 world championship winner deny that it is a rather impressive technological feat and he stating on Twitter that “fans are not interested to watch fuel economy races.”


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  • RBW001

    Fuel economy, penalties for engines, gearboxes, MGU’s, WTF’s, certainly F1 took a wrong turn especially when they brought in the token system for in season power unit development. 2017 is hopefully headed in the right direction.

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