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McLaren: We can afford to run without a title sponsor in 2015 F1

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McLaren-Honda F1 team is still seeking a title sponsor following the end of their agreement with Vodafone.

2013 Formula 1 season was the last year of Vodafone’s title sponsorship of the team—a deal Simon Cass of the Daily Mail reported to be worth £40 million annually.

The represents a huge part of the F1 team’s funds and, while the company can probably absorb that loss for one year, but still McLaren seeking a premium title sponsor for upcoming season and also they are afford to run without a title sponsor .

When the source asked – or if – a new deal would be put in place over the winter, racing director Eric Boullier said there was no rush.

“People want to know dates, but we don’t need to [say],” Boullier told ESPNF1.

“It sounds arrogant, but I promise you it’s not, we can afford to run without a title sponsor; that’s a privilege. We want it because it’s another step we can go and we have many projects we would like to do, but to be honest, today, we can afford to run without.

“I’m not saying we don’t want one, we want one and we still have some stuff to do. Let’s have the right one at the right moment. We will not go like other teams, let’s say, and go cheap.”

“It is because people who do their due diligence know how serious McLaren is and how serious Honda is. Everybody knows that and there will be enough resources and everything in place for it to be successful.”


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