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Hamilton or Rosberg – How F1 2014 drivers’ title can be won

F1 2014 drivers’ title battle – Nico Rosberg’s ruthless drive to take the victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix, means that only 17 points now separate him and Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton, who currently leads the F1 Drivers’ Championship.

But, Abu Dhabi holds a whole new ball game in store for the two championship rivals. With double points up for grabs at the season finale on 23 November, the winner of the race will add a whopping 50 points to their standings!

Hamilton however, needs only finish second, or finish ahead of his team mate in order to secure his second world drivers’ championship title.

Rosberg is hungry to follow in his father’s footsteps by securing his first drivers’ championship title and he knows that victory in Abu Dhabi could secure it for him, despite only winning 5 races so far this season compared to Hamilton’s 10 race wins.

A tie in points would see Hamilton win because he has the larger number of race wins under his belt.

Here’s a look at the different ways in which the F1 Drivers’ Championship title can be won:

Lewis Hamilton can win the Drivers’ Championship title in the following ways:
By winning or finishing in 2nd place.
By finishing 5th or better if Rosberg doesn’t win.
By finishing 6th or better if Rosberg is not in the top two.
By finishing 8th or better if Rosberg is not in the top three.
By finishing 9th or better if Rosberg is 5th.

He’ll win automatically if Rosberg is out of the top five, even if he doesn’t score any points.

Here’s how Nico Rosberg can win the Drivers’ Championship title:
By winning and hoping Hamilton finishes 3rd or lower.
By finishing 2nd, with Hamilton being 6th or lower.
By finishing 3rd and Hamilton is 7th or lower.
By finishing 4th and Hamilton is 9th or lower.
By finishing 5th and Hamilton is 10th or lower.


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