Ferrari exit could open for Alonso on Monday – report

Monday could be the magic day in Fernando Alonso’s current Ferrari contract.

Boss Marco Mattiacci has been happily – and unofficially – ‘confirming’ for 2015 the Italian team’s existing driver lineup of Alonso alongside Kimi Raikkonen.

But actual confirmation of the news, for example in the form of a press release, is in fact not expected this weekend at Monza.

“There will be no announcement at Monza with regards to the drivers,” Mattiacci is quoted by Italy’s Autosprint, “because there’s nothing to announce.”

He says that is because Alonso and Raikkonen are already under contract for 2015.

Technically, that’s true. But Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport claims that September 1 could change everything.

Correspondent Michael Schmidt cited ‘internal sources’ as confirming that Alonso’s contract contains a clause that opens the potential exit to the Spaniard if he is not within 25 points of the championship leader on September 1.

Prior to Monza, Alonso is actually closer to 100 points behind Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg.

It doesn’t mean Alonso will jump at the chance to leave, but Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reports that – despite their history – McLaren chief Ron Dennis has made an astonishing offer of $32 million per year to Alonso.

The report said Dennis, although having spectacularly fallen out with Alonso in 2007, “has spoken with Alonso” about the Spaniard’s return to Woking to head the new Honda-powered project.

Alonso, however, might be alarmed by the latest rumours emerging from Japan.

The rumours suggest Honda, returning to F1 in 2015 after a six-year absence, is currently “far behind the performances” achieved by leading engine supplier Mercedes as it works on its all-new turbo V6 ‘power unit’ for McLaren. (GMM)

  • pitwall

    Yes they were the best turbo engine designers, I was referring to the v10 Honda engine vs Mercedes Engine in the McLaren at that time (2008).

  • Godfather

    Actually, the last time turbo engines were used in F1, it was honda engines that were the best. So hopefully they will make the new engines as competitive.
    As for McLaren, the main difference between McLaren and other Mercedes cars is the motor oil with the Petronas powered Mercedes apparently 0.3 -0.5 seconds faster then the Mobil1 powered McLaren. Simple solution is to jus replace them with someone better

  • Richard Piers

    It didn’t take Renault too long to sort out the majority of their problems even with the imposed in-season restrictions. No reason for thinking that Honda with their long history of almost always having more power than others will have too much trouble.

  • pitwall

    Well the last time Honda built their own engine, it wasn’t as good as the Mercedes (or the Ferrari). They have built turbo engines for Indycar, but something tells me the first year is not the year to go to a Honda powered team, especially one that is under performing with a Mercedes engine.