Massa: Rosberg could’ve been penalised for Hamilton crash

Williams speedy Felipe Massa thinks that, a case could be made for penalising Nico Rosberg for his Belgian Grand Prix clash with Mercedes team-mate and nearest title rival Lewis Hamilton.

The team-mate collision also affected Massa’s performance, Hamilton tyre debris blame for his disappointing run to 13th in the Belgian Grand Prix.

Massa suggested Rosberg, who well again to second following a front wing change, should be held responsible for the incident.

“Maybe Nico created a problem for the other guy and maybe he should have been penalised,” Massa told Autosport.

“He was outside, so when he touched the car he was in a position where it was impossible to overtake.

“He touched the other car and the other car blew the tyre, so in my opinion the way it was is not fair.