Only ’emergency’ team orders at Mercedes – Daimler chairman

F1 Grand Prix of Germany
Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche insists there will be “no team orders” to settle the outcome of the title battle between warring Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

His comments, in Bild am Sonntag newspaper, follow hot on the heels of the Hungarian grand prix, where Hamilton blankly refused to obey the order to let Rosberg past on a different strategy.

“Last Sunday there was no emergency situation,” Zetsche said. “The two were not really bumper to bumper, which is why I can well understand Lewis not slowing down to let Nico past.”

He said it is only in ’emergency situations’ that the pitwall will intervene with the free battle between the silver-clad pair.

“At Mercedes there are no team orders,” Zetsche insisted. “I stand by that.

“The skill of the drivers and a little bit of luck will in the end decide who has the edge.

“It is true however that Rosberg and Hamilton are not to impede each other with different strategies — for example two stops versus three stops,” he added. (GMM)

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    Wordarrhea ?

    GO, 44 !

  • Dan

    my point exactly lool

  • Pear Bear

    lol, err… what?

  • Dan

    Look everyone, a genious! Let me explain in a simple minded way so you can understand cause the article it`s difficult reading to you: No Team orders if they are on the same number of pitstops, so if one is faster but on the same strategy as the other they have green light to fight it out on track. In case each has different strategy (different number of pit stops), there will be team-orders so each driver can maximise his own strategy for the benefit of the team and no on track fighting is allowed so none of the drivers get affected in terms of pace, tyre management and fuel consumption which can put them in the position to lose time overall or even oblige them to switch to make an unscheduled stop or run really slow to save fuel later in the race. So while you see a major unfairness if one of them is asked to move over for the other one, if 3 stops against 2 stops, the ones using brain see a favour done by the team to both of them as to not be in the position to be beaten by the Finger Boy or the Smilling Cangorro in the RedBull. We had enough wins from those guys in the last 4 years and them winning because of stupidity at Mercedes is just pathetic, especially because Horner is trying to manipulate Ham Fans in the most cheapest way by defending the decision of Ham to not listen to the team orders. And this coming from the man which told Finger Boy earlier in the year to move over for the Cangorro to pass on 2 occasions and used Multi 21 for 4 years for the benefit of Finger Boy. That`s exactly the right man to talk about team orders.

  • Chris smith

    Well that clears that up. There will be no team orders at merc unless they need to give a team order in which case merc does give team orders. Ehh?